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4 flood safety tips you need to know

Nov 06, 2015

The 2013 floods that hit Calgary, Alberta and other Canadian provinces were the costliest natural disaster to date, with over $1.7 billion in property damage costs. Many insurance companies don’t offer explicit flood insurance deals in regular packages, so it is vital to check with your provider to ensure you are covered.

According to Yahoo Canada, flood insurance premiums vary based on the type of coverage you want, home age, style and location. Rates are usually set on a national basis.

Implement the following four tips into your flood safety plan if you live in a recently affected area or would like peace of mind knowing you are prepared.

  • Have an emergency plan/kit: Enact an emergency plan and build an emergency response kit in case of bad weather. Know all possible home escape routes, how you will evacuate your family and where you will go. In addition have a kit that includes water, non-perishable food and a first aid kit, among other items, to wait out a storm.
  • Know the risks specific to your area: Understand the location of your home and how that can affect your safety. Listen to local news stations for updates to ensure you are not missing key information.
  • Prepare for water to enter your home: Turn off power and gas lines, move furniture and other belongings off the floor and remain on the higher levels of your home until it is safe to move again.
  • Stay away from outside bodies of water: Keep your distance from large or small bodies of water near your home. Find shelter right away and stay there until you are told it is safe to leave.

When investing in a flood insurance plan, be sure it explicitly covers everything you need. For more home insurance information or a quote from an Alberta insurance broker, click here