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Car Insurance in Calgary

Did you know that Calgary was ranked the 5th most livable city in the world and the top most livable city in North America? Calgary also ranked in the top 10 cities in the world for family friendliness. If you plan on driving in Calgary, you would be pleased to know that Calgary has one of the easiest commutes across any major city in Canada. 


Westland Insurance has been providing car insurance coverage for residents of Calgary since 2011. Our experienced brokers will work with you to find the best coverage to meet your needs. We compare rates and matching coverages to let you see at a glance how much money you can save – sometimes up to $800 on annual premiums. Click here to find a Westland Insurance location. 


Getting your driver’s license in Alberta

Whether you are a new resident to Alberta or a young driver just starting out, you can apply for a license at any Alberta Registry Office.


New residents to Calgary will likely need to exchange an out-of-province license within 90 days of moving to Alberta. They will also need to register their vehicles to the new province.


Like many provinces, Alberta has adopted a Graduated Driver License program for drivers with less than two years of proven driving experience. This program lets new drivers gain experience in safer conditions.


For more information, please visit Alberta Government website


Be Safe Driving in Calgary

The total number of registered vehicles registered in Calgary continues to increase.   With more cars on the road every month, the potential for accidents or theft increases which makes having proper auto insurance in place very important. View the City of Calgary’s Traffic Tips Booklet. 


If an accident does occur, the City of Calgary has outlined steps to report the accident in their Collision Protocol.


For more information on how your car insurance coverage can protect you, contact your Westland Insurance broker.


Lowering your vehicle insurance premiums

There are many ways to keep your auto insurance premiums low, saving you money in the long run. Installing an anti-theft device services two purposes – acts as a deterrent to vandalism and helps keep claim costs down. Increasing your deductible is another option to reduce costs.


Click here to find a Westland Insurance location.  

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Collisions in Calgary

In 2014 the City of Calgary provided the top collision locations in Calgary which include:


  • Deerfoot Trail NE & 16 Avenue NE
  • Deerfoot Trail SE & Glenmore Trail SE
  • Crowchild Trail SW & Glenmore Trail SW
  • Glenmore Trail SW & 14 Street SW
  • Deerfoot Trail SE & 17 Avenue SE
  • 16 Avenue & 36 Street NE
  • Deerfoot Trail NE & Stoney Trail NE
  • Crowchild Trail NW & Kensington Road NW
  • Deerfoot Trail SE & Southland Drive SE
  • McKnight Boulevard NE & 68 Street NE


Traffic Incidents in Calgary


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Westland Insurance in Calgary

Westland has two branches in Calgary: 

Westland Insurance - Calgary - East Village

Address: 1111 Olympic Way SE #300
Calgary, AB Canada T2G 0E6
Driving Directions
Contact Info Phone: 403-508-1111
Fax: 1-866-786-2794

Weekdays: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Weekends: Closed
Holidays: Closed

Westland Insurance - Calgary - McKenzie-Towne

Address: 28 McKenzie Towne Ave SE #3
Calgary, AB, Canada T2Z 3S7
Driving Directions
Phone: 403-257-0790
Toll Free:
Fax: 1-866-704-8470
Mon - Fri: 9am to 5:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


Calgary Car Insurance

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