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Types of Auto Insurance Coverages in Alberta

Mandatory Coverage

All drivers need to purchase basic auto insurance, which includes:

Third Party Liability Accident Benefits 

If you cause a collision that damages property or injures someone, you’ll need liability coverage.

With the cost of claims on the rise, most vehicle owners purchase liability limits of at least $1,000,000.

Our expert insurance advisors recommend purchasing higher limits to ensure that there is ample coverage for damages in the event of an accident.  

There are three categories of accident benefits that you and your passengers are entitled to, no matter who is at fault:

Medical expenses such as rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and hospital expenses

Loss of income, total disability, funeral expenses and death benefits

Limited coverage for injuries caused by uninsured drivers

Basic Damage Coverage Options

Collision Comprehensive All Perils 
 If your vehicle is damaged in an at-fault collision, hit and run, or if an uninsured driver is at fault, this coverage will pay to repair or replace your vehicle. Found yourself stuck in a hailstorm? Windstorm?  Hit a deer?  Is your vehicle stolen? Vandalized? This will cover your damages.

This combines the coverage of both collision and comprehensive.



Popular Add-Ons

Family Protection Endorsement  Loss of Use  Rental Car Coverage 
No matter how carefully you drive, sometimes you’re involved in a collision where another driver is at fault.  If the at-fault driver doesn’t have any or enough insurance, this coverage makes up the difference to make sure that you and your family have access to the funds you need to fully recover. Car in the shop being repaired due to an insurance claim? This coverage allows you to rent a replacement vehicle.  Renting or borrowing a vehicle?  This coverage will extend your insurance to the vehicle that you’re using even though you don’t own it.
Replacement Cost Limited Glass Endorsement Accident Forgiveness
This coverage is very popular for newer vehicles. In the case where your vehicle is damaged beyond repair, this coverage replaces your vehicle with a new one.  Even though glass is covered under your comprehensive policy, this allows you to make glass claims under a separate coverage to reduce for the cost of your Comprehensive coverage.  This protects your driving record and insurance premiums from being affected by a first “at-fault” loss. 

Car Insurance in Alberta Explained

Is auto insurance required in Alberta?

Yes, if you plan to take your vehicle off your personal property, auto insurance is required. Mandatory Alberta insurance coverage will respond for third-party liability and accident benefits only. All other coverage will need to be added to your basic auto insurance.

How much does auto insurance cost in Alberta?

The overall cost of your vehicle insurance will depend on several factors, including:

  • Your MVR (driver’s licence ticket history)
  • Your Autoplus (Insurance and claims history)
  • How long you’ve been licensed
  • Where you live
  • How you use your vehicle
  • The type of car you drive

Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Looking for cheap auto insurance?  Here are some ways you can save money the next time you need to purchase insurance for your car.

Drive safely
This may seem like common sense, but having a clean driving record can save you the most on your auto premium. 
Don’t just let anyone drive your car
Since careful driving is essential, other people who drive your vehicle should be safe drivers, too. If someone has an accident in your car and they’re at fault, it’s your auto premium that will be negatively affected. 
Protect your vehicle from theft
Receive a discount on your auto insurance by installing a qualifying anti-theft device in your vehicle.
Ask if you’re eligible for any discounts
For example, Mature Discounts (for drivers 65 years of age or older).
Choose your coverages carefully
The condition and age of your automobile can determine what kind of coverages you need. Make sure your broker reviews your auto policy every renewal to ensure you have the right type of protection.

Ask about raising your deductibles
Consider increasing your deductibles so you can still carry the coverage you need at a more affordable price.

Protect your claims free discount whenever possible
If you want to protect your current claims free discount, you can repay an at-fault claim. 
Look at bundling your insurance
See if you can bundle your auto insurance with your house insurance.  You can even bundle your auto insurance if you have two or more vehicles. 
Take another look at what type of vehicle you drive
The kind of vehicle you drive is one factor that influences the amount of premium you’ll be paying. The higher the average repair costs for your make and model of car, the higher your insurance premium will most likely be. 
Make sure your vehicle is rated according to its proper use
Ensure your insurance correctly states how you use your vehicle. This is another factor that influences the amount of premium you pay. If your car is insured for travel to-and-from work, but you’re only using it for pleasure, let your broker know. 



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