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Road Safety Tips


We All Have Car Insurance but we hope we don't have to use it

However, according to Transportation Alberta:

there were 151,289 collisions in 2010 and of those collisions,
there were 18,597 deaths or injuries.

  1. Be careful at intersections and high-risk areas
    A large percentage of vehicular crashes happen at intersections and high-risk areas.  So, when you’re driving in these kinds of locations, you need to be a little more cautious and be more aware of your surroundings.
    Tip: Hundreds of pedestrians are injured or killed each year at intersections.  Keep a look out for pedestrians especially when making a turn at an intersection.
  2. Follow the speed limit
    One of the most common factors that contribute to traffic accidents is speed.  When you speed, you not only reduce your reaction time, you also increase the distance it takes for your car to stop.  These are the average stopping distances for vehicles on the road:
    50kph 33metres
    65kph 50metres
    80kph 70metres
    100kph 93metres
  3. Protect your vehicle from theft
    Vehicles are stolen every day which amounts to thousands of automobiles stolen every year in the province.  The millions of dollars needed to replace these vehicles is borne by auto policyholders.  To avoid being a statistic, protect your vehicle with an anti-theft device.
    Auto Crime
    Device type Description Effectiveness
    Mechanical Visible deterrent:
    Steering wheel lock
    Transmission lock
    Alarm Audible deterrent:
    Car alarm connected to the car horn
    Immobilizer Disables vehicles:
    Shuts off parts of the car’s electrical system
  4. Don’t drink and drive
    According to the Alberta Traffic Collision Statistics 2010, 4.7% of drivers had consumed alcohol causing injury while 21.8% of drivers who had caused a fatality.  When you drink and drive, the severity of the crash increases dramatically.To learn more, go to
  5. Young Drivers sometimes need some extra help

    Did you know a 16-year-old driver carrying another 16-year-old passenger has an increased crash risk of almost 40%?   If they are carrying three or more young passengers their crash risk nearly doubles.

    Driving a vehicle can be considerably more risky for inexperienced drivers.  That’s why you should do everything you can to help your young driver be safe on the road.

    Here are some tips, we’d like to share with you.