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Safety Tips for Young Drivers

Tips for Young Drivers

You’ve finally got your drivers license and can’t wait to start cruising around town.  First, please follow these safety tips before you get behind the wheel of your car:

  1. Don’t drive while impaired — that doesn’t just mean drugs and alcohol.  Medication or even pulling an all-nighter can negatively influence your ability to drive.
  2. Avoid distractions — iPods, cell phones, and even food can divert your attention long enough to cause an accident.  When you need to, just pull over.
  3. Don’t speed — though it may be tempting, speeding increases the distance required to stop while decreasing your ability to react.

According to Alberta Transportation, motor vehicle collisions are the leading killer of Alberta’s youth.  Here are some sites that provide information to help your youth be a safer driver:

Resources you can use to help make your youth driver safer include: