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How to Save on Car Insurance in Alberta

Looking for cheap auto insurance?  Here are the top 10 ways you can save money the next time you need to purchase insurance for your car.

  1. Drive safely
    This may seem like common sense but having a clean driving record can save you the most on your auto premium.
  2. Don’t just let anyone drive your car
    Since driving carefully is important, other people who drive your vehicle should be safe drivers, too.  If someone has an accident in your car and they’re at fault, it’s your auto premium that will be negatively affected.
  3. Protect your vehicle from theft
    You can receive a discount on your auto insurance if you install a qualifying anti-theft device in your vehicle.
  4. Ask if you’re eligible for any discounts
    An example of a possible discount that may be available to you are Mature Discounts (for drivers 65 years of age or older).
  5. Choose your coverages carefully
    The condition and age of your automobile can determine what kind of coverages you need.  Make sure your broker reviews your auto policy every renewal to ensure you are getting the right kind of protection.
  6. Ask about raising your deductibles
    Consider increasing your deductibles so you can still carry the coverage you need but for a more affordable premium.
  7. Protect your claims free discount whenever possible
    If you want to protect your current claims free discount, you can opt to repay a claim if you have an accident and are at-fault.
  8. Look at bundling your insurance
    See if you can bundle your auto insurance with the same provider as your house insurance or even bundle your auto insurance if you have 2 or more vehicles.
  9. Take another look at what type of vehicle you drive
    The kind of vehicle you drive is one of the factors which influences the amount of premium you’ll be paying.  The higher the average repair costs for your particular make and model car, the higher your insurance premium will most likely be.
  10. Make sure your vehicle is rated according to its proper use
    Make sure your insurance correctly states how you use your vehicle as this is another factor which influences the amount of premium you’ll be paying.  If your automobile is covered for travel to-and-from work but you’re only using it for pleasure, let your broker know.

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