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Third Party Liability Coverage for Automobiles

Why would I need more Third Party Liability?

The simple answer is that the courts in both Canada and the US often award damages well above the $200,000 minimum limit requirement in Alberta.

If you don’t increase your Third Party Liability limit, you are financially responsible for any amount over $200,000.

Most drivers gain peace of mind when they increase their limit to $2,000,000 or more.

Third Party Liability

This coverage protects your assets and financial well-being in the event an injury or damage claim is made against you and you are deemed responsible for the accident. The limit of Third Party Liability coverage you purchase is the maximum payable, combined, for all injuries and damage caused to others in any one accident or occurrence.

Additional Third Party Liability

Increasing your Third Party Liability limit offers you added protection in the case of a serious or catastrophic crash.  If you are in an accident, someone gets injured and you are at fault (in other words, you are found legally liable), Third Party Liability will pay for the damages and claims made against you. 

While the minimum coverage is $200,000, the courts often award much higher judgment amounts.  That’s why most drivers opt to increase their limit.

Drivers of commercial vehicles should consider having at least a $2,000,000 Third Party Liability limit (or more).

Unsure if you really need increased Third Party Liability limits?

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