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Liability Insurance Quotes

Whether you own a small family business in Alberta or run a large company, Business Liability Insurance Coverage is a must. Business liability insurance can protect you, your employees and even your customers and suppliers from damages arising from legal action taken against you.

What if a customer or employee were injured as a result of using your product or service?

Without the protection of business liability insurance, the legal and possible settlement costs of just one lawsuit could be enough to drive you out of business.

Westland provides businesses all across Alberta with affordable online business liability insurance quotes. Get the protection you need at an affordable cost.

Alberta companies that have come to us for business liability insurance quotes include practically every type of venture, from home building contractors, dry cleaners, information technology (IT) organizations, wineries and care provider services to retail outfits, restaurants and many more.

General Liability Insurance Quotes: Know Your Options

Operating a business has its share of risks, but the right business liability insurance coverage can help you feel secure and protected.

With over 20 years of experience in offering customized protection to Alberta businesses Westland Insurance can create the right liability insurance package for you.

Before you get your small business liability insurance quote online take a look at some of the options our comprehensive business liability insurance packages cover:

Directors and Officers: In the day to day performance of making organizational decisions, directors and officers liability insurance can be the protection you need when subjected to claims from competitors, creditors, employees and government. Being held liable for damages and defence costs from these claims can be minor, but it can also severely impact your organization.

Abuse and Harassment: Most organizations have worked hard to provide the proper education and environment to reduce these issues. Purchasing abuse and harassment liability insurance coverage has been shown to actually reduce cases of workplace harassment and abuse.

Professional Errors and Omissions: Companies that offer specialized consulting or professional advice to clients are held to a high level of accountability. One example is if a computer software company were to impact a client’s database. Professional errors and omissions liability insurance will cover professional errors or negligence claims, which tend to come with burdensome legal fees.

Protection from Injury or Damage Claims: Although many organizations benefit from protection that injury or damage claims liability insurance coverage can offer, if you are a manufacturing company you’ll definitely want to take an in-depth look into this type of liability coverage.

General Third-Party: Basically third party liability coverage protects other people and their property in the event of an accident that is your fault. This is particularly important for businesses that require you to work in people’s homes, such as home renovators or repair services.

Product Liability: Businesses who sell manufactured or assembled products will want to add this specific coverage to their general business liability insurance package.

Getting Business Liability Insurance Quotes Online

At Westland Insurance, we recommend Alberta clients that are worried about business liability insurance costs to consider getting a small business liability insurance quote online. Clients are usually surprised to see that adequate coverage doesn’t have to mean excessive premiums.

For more information about our Alberta liability insurance, contact our general business liability insurance experts toll free at 1-800-899-3093 or visit one of our Alberta Business Insurance Locations near you.

Save time by requesting a Small Business Liability Insurance Quote Online.

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