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Risk Management

Sometimes you need some extra advice to help in managing some of the risks associated with the running of a school.  Simply contact our office to get your free copy of any of the following risk management bulletins:

  • Risk Management and Loss Control Guide for Schools
  • Excess Automobile Liability coverage of Employees’ and Volunteers’ Vehicles
  • Abuse Prevention Guide
  • Climbing Wall
  • Off Premises (Career College)
  • Off Premises (K-12)
  • International Student
  • Outside User Groups
  • Skateboarding Activities
  • Playground Safety
  • Sports Injuries – Managing the Risks
  • Parent Permission
  • Student Drivers
  • Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan for your School
  • Business Interruption Insurance for Schools Overview

For more information, contact our office today at or  call us at (403) 259-2747 or toll free at 1-888-259-2747.