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Home Insurance

At Westland Insurance, we understand that your home insurance should be as unique as you are.  That’s why we provide a wide range of insurance products which can be customized to suit your needs.

Also, we set ourselves apart from other brokers by ensuring we evaluate your risks, assess your property values, and construct a policy that affords you the type of protection essential for your peace of mind.

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House Insurance

Protect what’s important to you (your dwelling, personal possessions and family) with this broad, all in one plan.

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Condo Insurance

A package policy designed specifically for the unique needs of condo owners.

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Tenant Insurance

Don’t own a home yet but still want the peace of mind insurance gives you?  This plan is designed for you.

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Rental Property Insurance

A coverage product tailored to insure rental homes and investment properties.

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Mobile Home Insurance

Also known as Manufactured Home insurance, this package is designed to meet the specific needs of mobile homeowners.

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wi_220x220_Seasonal Home Insurance

Seasonal Home Insurance

You may only stay at your seasonal home a few months out of the year, but it should still be protected year-round.

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Additional Coverage

These add-ons are the ideal way to customize a package policy just for you.

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Save on Home Insurance

These add-ons are the ideal way to customize a package policy just for you.

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