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House Insurance


Making Sure you're covered is key to us

You have invested substantially in your home and yet, many Albertans are grossly under insured.  A booming economy in Alberta and rising construction costs have significantly increased the replacement cost of homes by no small margin. 

At Westland, we make a concerted effort to educate our consumers on Insuring to Value and its need in the current economy.  This may mean that we appear less competitive compared to another broker, but we believe avoiding a situation where you were not adequately insured (thus jeopardizing your financial security) is worth a nominal increase in premium.  To learn more, please check out our information on Insurance to Value.


For many people, their home is their most costly possession – and usually their single biggest investment.  That’s why we take the time from the onset to make certain you have enough coverage to protect your home, personal belongings and family.  Our risk assessment process is a fundamental step in identifying your needs.

If you have a high value home and want to learn more, feel free to look through our high-value home insurance coverage.


Discounts on Home Insurance

Here is a sample of some of the discounts that may be available, ask one of our experts for more information:

Added protection