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Tenant Insurance (Renter's Insurance)

Did you know that as a renter, your landlord’s home insurance will not cover your belongings in the event of a fire, theft or damage?

You would also be responsible for any damage that you cause to any part of your building and for any accidental injuries incurred by someone while visiting the property.

For example:

  • If you left something in the oven which led to a fire, you would be responsible for damages caused to any part of the building or apartment complex that you reside in.
  • If a visitor to your home slipped and fell due to your negligence, you could be held financially responsible for their medical and other expenses.

For as little as $1 a day, tenant insurance can make sure that you are adequately covered. See below for some of the coverage that Westland offers:

If you own high value personal property and want to learn more, feel free to look through our high-value tenant insurance coverage.

Discounts on Tenant Insurance

 Here is a sample of some of the discounts that may be available:

You can also receive a discount for increasing your deductible 


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