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Marine & Boat Insurance

Benefits of Good Boat Insurance

Summer is fast approaching and you probably can’t wait to get your boat back in the water and go for a cruise.  But before you do, think about getting marine insurance to protect your watercraft.

Even though you don’t have to worry about a pirate attack, you may be faced with rough waters, mechanical failure and collisions.

  •  Make sure to do some pre-season maintenance

  • Take an inventory of your personal belongings.  You’ll need a list for insurance purposes in the event something is lost or stolen.
  • Store and lock up hazardous materials away from living areas.  This can include items such as cleaners, paints and glues.
  • Consider keeping your valuables at home or in a safety deposit box.

Safeguard your boat with our specialized marine & boat coverage.  While some homeowners policies insure boats, they often limit protection to marine related losses.  Our broad policy package is customizable and provides the following features and benefits:

  1. All Risks Coverage – get protection even for wear & tear or faulty workmanship on your vessel.  We also insure for legal costs, damage caused by other boats, salvage fees and more.  Plus, we don’t deduct for depreciation on running gear or sails.
  2. Personal Effects – if you have personal property stored on your boat, you’re covered even for built-in sound systems and electronic appliances.
  3. Liability & Medical Payments – our package includes Protection & Indemnity liability coverage and protection against boat-related injuries (including water skiing).

Additional Coverage
Because our Marine & Boat Insurance package is so flexible, we can offer additional coverages

to help customize your policy to suit your needs and give you peace of mind.

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