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Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance

You know the costs of personal injury claims and lawsuits are skyrocketing and that’s why you have third-party liability coverage in your automobile and homeowners policies.  But do you really carry enough insurance to protect you and your family if things go severely wrong?

For example, someone could slip and fall around your pool.  Or a child could sustain life-altering injuries just by falling off your trampoline in the backyard.  Or your teenaged daughter could cause a serious car accident which resulted in disabling someone for the rest of their life.  Are your current liability limits enough?

Extra protection

This is where personal liability umbrella insurance comes in.  You’ll be covered for expensive lawsuits or large damage claims that you, your family or even your dog (or other pet) may cause for a surprisingly low premium amount.  An umbrella policy can also safeguard you in the event your standard auto and home policies don’t provide coverage such as:

Type of Coverage


Personal Injury

Slander, libel, false arrest, defamation of character and wrongful eviction

Legal Defense


If you are a member or officer of a board of a non profit corporation, you may be covered if that board is sued. This is available with some Personal Umbrella policies. If this is of interest to you, make a point of discussing your needs with your insurance advisor.


You should think about getting personal umbrella liability insurance to protect all your hard earned personal assets and your future earnings. It is particularly important if you have increased liability exposures such as:

  • have a trampoline, swimming pool or other “attractive nuisance” on your property
  • are responsible financially for the actions of an inexperienced, young driver
  • play a sport or participate in an activity where you may injure others
  • have any type of watercraft or other recreational vehicles
  • own rental property
  • are active in your community
  • volunteer for school field trips or with your local community organization

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