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Tips for Safe Travel

Going away on a trip can be exciting – match that excitement with good planning.  We’ve provided the following tips to assist you in protecting your finances and health while abroad:

  1. Buy supplemental travel insurance. According to statistics, 40% of travelers think their group or company plan is sufficient when in reality they need extra coverage.
  2. Check the cancellation policies in your travel insurance.  Do you know what circumstances must occur before your policy will refund your ticket?
  3. Make note of any travel advisories. Visit to get updates on travel warnings and advisories before you leave. 
  4. Visit a travel clinic near you and ask about any required shots or health precautions you need to take.  A list of clinics can be found at
  5. Check for information on any outbreaks in the area you’ll be visiting.  Check the Canadian Public Health Agency’s website at for updates.
  6. Keep paper copies of your prescriptions with you when traveling.  You may need them if you lose your medicine and have to to get a refill.

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