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Your vehicle is much more than an investment in your life; it’s your freedom. Let us help navigate which auto insurance is right for you. When you buy car insurance in Saskatchewan, you will be purchasing basic mandatory coverage which is provided by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), provided by us through us either by email, phone or in person at any of our Saskatchewan locations. You have options when it comes to extension auto insurance to better your all around coverage while out on the road.

As your local insurance experts, we know that each vehicle in Saskatchewan is unique in its own way. From those who commute to work in Saskatoon every day, to those who are out on the prairie open road catching sunset views, we’ve got you covered.

We understand it’s vital to protect what’s most important to you and your family. Our expert insurance advisors are here to ensure you’re protected and provide peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important in your life.

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We know that your insurance needs to match your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. Our expert auto insurance advisors get to know you, so that they can tailor a policy to your exact needs.

We’ll find the best coverage for you at the right price so that you can continue to live your life the way you want to.

Insurance can be complex sometimes. Let our expert insurance advisors do the heavy lifting! We’ll help you find a policy that you feel is the best fit and provides peace of mind. To learn more about the benefits of being a Westland client, click here.

Saskatchewan Auto Insurance Explained

Auto Insurance in Saskatchewan comes in two parts, your plates and extension auto insurance.

Basic plate coverage is the mandatory coverage for all vehicles in Saskatchewan provided through Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI). It provides financial protection for the following:

  • Physical damage coverage for your vehicle
  • Third Party Liability for damage to other vehicles, property or injury to others
  • Personal injury coverage if injury results from a vehicle collision

Auto Injury Coverage

When it comes to your basic auto coverage in Saskatchewan, you have two options:

  • No Fault Coverage
    This is the most comprehensive option when it comes to covering injury due to collision. It kicks in regardless of who is at fault for the accident. Benefits of the no fault option include:

    • Medical Expenses
    • Rehabilitation
    • Personal Expenses
    • Travel Expenses
    • Death Benefits
    • Living Assistance
    • Permanent Impairment Payment
  • Tort Coverage
    This coverage requires a declaration form to be completed. It provides coverage for the most basic benefits available to help cover expenses. With tort coverage, you have the option to sue for expenses that aren’t covered in the event of injury, as well as for pain and suffering. Coverages under tort include:

    • Medical Expenses
    • Rehabilitation
    • Income Benefit
    • Death Benefits
    • Permanent Impairment Payment

With both no fault and tort there are exceptions to coverage, connect with us today to explore both options and find what is the best fit for you.

Third Party Liability Explained. Here’s Why You Need It.

Another part of your auto policy is third party liability. In short, it covers you for injury or property damage you may cause as well as vehicle damage anywhere in Canada or the United States. Did you know that if you travel outside of Saskatchewan, you can be sued for bodily injury? In Saskatchewan, we have no fault injury coverage which means that we cannot sue each other for bodily injury, except for those situations outlined specifically. If you are in an accident outside of Saskatchewan, whether another province or the United States, you can be sued which in certain circumstances could be a large sum of money.

Liability is when you’re determined to be responsible for causing an accident, which results in property damage or injury to others. Liability also refers to taking financial responsibility for your actions when you’re at fault.

Saskatchewan SGI license plate provides basic insurance coverage only with the minimum legal requirements for liability and basic insurance benefits. SGI Auto Fund has not increased the plate provided liability limit of just $200,000 since 1985!

First party is the insured, so yourself. Second party is the insurer, for example if we are referring to auto insurance this would be SGI. Third party is the person who is bringing legal action against the insurer. Therefore, if you lose control and drive into a business building, that business owner is now the third party in the equation.

When you purchase an extension auto policy, often called a package policy, you protect your family and your finances. With an auto policy you increase your liability limits and enhance your injury benefits.

It’s so important to understand what you are liable for and how you can be properly covered! Stop in and either online or at one of our Saskatchewan locations and we would be happy to help you find the best coverage for you.

Extension Auto Insurance Explained

As an option to increase your coverage through your basic plate coverage, we’re able to enhance your car insurance with additional coverages that can provide a more robust car insurance policy. More coverage for total peace of mind while out on the road.

What happens if you’re in an accident? Will you be covered for what happens if there is damage to your vehicle? There are three options when it comes to physical damage coverage for your vehicle:

  • Collision or Upset
    Coverage for damage caused when your vehicle has an impact with another object such as another vehicle, building, guardrail, or roadway, and also includes a rollover of the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive
    Found yourself stuck in a hailstorm? Windstorm? Hit a deer? Is your vehicle stolen? Vandalized? This will cover your damages.
  • All Perils
    This combines the coverage of both collision and comprehensive. The best of both worlds.

Why Else Might Be Included in An Extension Policy?

We’ve highlighted a few coverages that may be available to you:

  • Seasonal Vehicle
  • UnregisteredVehicle & Trailer
  • New Vehicle 14-Day
  • Non-Owned Car
  • Increased Liability Protection
  • Family Security

Extra Coverages Available to Add

Through extension auto insurance, there are additional options you can add to create a customized car insurance policy, including a few highlights:

  • Liability Limit Options
    Will the standard third party liability limit be enough if the unexpected happens? With this option you can increase your liability limit to ensure you’re fully covered from a liability standpoint.
  • Lower Deductibles
    Extension auto insurance provides deductible options to have a lower deductible if a claim is filed.
  • Family Security
    With family security coverage your family members are protected – if injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver – equal to your liability amount, up to $2 million.
  • Waiver of Deductible
    On wildlife, fire, lighting, and theft of entire vehicle losses. Zero Deductible on these losses when you have purchased both a collision and comprehensive deductible along with third party liability on your auto policy.
  • Increases Accident Benefits
    If you’re unable to go back to work for a period of time, an auto policy pays an additional amount on top of the weekly income benefit covered by the basic injury insurance.
  • Includes Non-Owned Auto Coverage
    At no additional cost, an auto policy automatically provides you, your spouse and the children in your care with coverage while driving a vehicle you don’t own.
  • Adds Collision and Comprehensive Coverage on Snowmobiles & Snow Machines
    These aren’t included in plate insurance. Snowmobiles are also not covered under homeowner insurance.
  • Offers Optional Coverages such as:
    • Road Hazard Glass
      Provides payment for glass that encloses the passenger compartment of the vehicle, that has been broken by an object that was thrown up or fell from another vehicle.
    • Loss of Use
      Provides payment to rent a vehicle if your vehicle is stolen or damaged.
    • Replacement Cost
      Provides payment to replace your vehicle (no depreciation) if your new vehicle is a total loss caused by a coverage you are insured for.
    • Storage/Restoration Coverage
      Coverage while your vehicle is in continuous storage or is being restored.
    • Stated Value Coverage on Antique and Custom Vehicles
      When a current appraisal is provided to your insurer then you can have your antique or custom vehicle insured for an agreed upon amount, rather than the actual cash value
    • Provides Journey Coverage
      Coverage will extend for 30 days to one auto you own as well as one auto you use with permission but do not own (rented or borrowed vehicle).

Everything to Know About Your Deductible.

We all have deductibles for our car insurance in Saskatchewan, but do you really know what you’re covered for? Many people chose their deductible years ago and keep it the same each renewal year. Here’s everything you need to know about deductibles to ensure that you’re properly covered!

A deductible is an amount that you must pay when making a claim regarding damage or theft of your vehicle. So, if you have a $700 deductible as a light vehicle for example, and you have a fender bender, you have to pay that $700 in order to get your vehicle repaired.

Your deductible applies when you need to submit a claim or have a claim submitted by another insured driver. Whether that is paying your deductible to get your windshield replaced or you have significant car damage, your deductible applies to all. There are specific situations where a deductible will need to be paid when dealing with plate insurance or extension auto policies.

If you are in an accident with another insured driver who is found to be at fault, you’re not responsible for covering the deductible amount. However, you may still have to pay the deductible if the at fault driver is uninsured.

Have you always paid the same way for your insurance and never thought anything of it? There may be a better way to purchase your insurance that can save you some money!

If you choose an annual auto policy, you have two options for payment:

  • Annual
    • Pay for the full year in advance without any interest charges
  • AutoPay
    • Pay for annual plates, in monthly installments
    • Pre-authorized payment on the same date each month of your choosing
    • Interest charged

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