Westlanders bring important experience and knowledge to the organization and are key to our success.  We are fair in setting base salaries, and provide additional financial rewards to employees who consistently demonstrate Westland values and contribute to our success.


Competitive salaries

  • Salary ranges are developed in line with current market data and are reviewed annually.  It is important to us that our employees feel that they are being compensated fairly for the work they do.
  • At least once a year, Westlanders have their performance reviewed. As performance improves, so does their base salary.



Vacations and time off

Everyone needs some down-time. Even Westlanders need to get away, relax and pursue activities outside of work sometimes. We ensure our employees take the time they need to live a healthy, balanced life.



New Westlanders are entitled to between two and three weeks of vacation allowance per calendar year, depending on the position.  After that, vacation entitlements grow along with length of service.


Statutory holidays

In addition to the usual statutory holidays observed in BC and Alberta, Westland provides discretionary holidays to bring all employees to 12 per year.




Westlanders are supported as they find balance in their lives, by having access to choices and flexibility in the way they schedule their work time.

While supporting the business achieve the best quality client service in the industry, Westlanders have access to flexible work options such as compressed work week, flex time, or a part-time arrangements.

We provide time off for periods of short-term personal illness or emergency family illness, and unpaid leave may be available.





Every Westlander has different priorities, family situation, health profile, and a plan for the future. We offer an adaptable and flexible benefits program employees can customize to fit their lifestyle and needs

Full-time Westlanders have access to dental, health, AD&D, disability, and life insurance benefits as well as various support and services to help them succeed in the workplace and in their lives.


Our program


Our benefits program offers a variety of levels of that can be selected based on each employee's needs.

In addition to dental, extended health, disability benefits, life insurance, and AD&D, Westlanders can choose additional optional Life insurance and AD&D coverage as well as increased limits and coverage. Plans are customizable to coordinate with the benefits of a partner or spouse, and can be updated every 2 years basis to be best tailored to a employee and their family.


Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Westlanders are supported in managing their lives. Our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) gives Westlanders support in meeting life's challenges, building resilience and resolving common concerns that are not necessarily crises. Our program addresses the many complexities of life with help for everyday issues such as family/spousal relationships, managing stress, surviving grief and loss, energizing a career and dealing with an illness/trauma.


Retirement planning

Our Group retirement plan helps Westlanders achieve their retirement goals through matching contributions.


Discounted Insurance Rates

Westlanders receive a discounted premium on their home insurance when they buy their personal policy through the company.



Learning and development


Building a successful career at Westland involves continuous learning and development.  We have developed a library of courses and programs that supports Westlanders as they work towards their full potential while enhancing their contributions to the organization.

The Westland performance review process links individual performance to our organizational goals, and helps guide each employee's contribution to impact their coworkers and our clients in the most positive way possible.


When you Start

New Westlanders are introduced to Westland through Westland College. This provides an introduction to our vision for client service and business growth, and gives our employees a foundation on which to build future success and make a positive impact for our clients.


Ongoing learning and development


We encourage Westlanders to gain experience, learn as they go, and use their knowledge and experience in the service of our clients. Through Westland College, you can access courses to maintain your Insurance license, and develop your career.

Westlanders can create a learning and development plan to meet their needs and career objectives. We also offer opportunities to hear from fellow Westlanders about their careers and experience to better plan their own careers. To accommodate a variety of learning styles, we offer a variety of learning formats, from e-learning, challenging work assignments, coaching, or formal training. We offer specialized in-house training, as well as pay for licensing required to fulfil our service goals to our clients.

Through our management development program, Westland managers have the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow together.



The Fun Stuff

As part of our commitment to the communities where we operate, Westland is proud to host and support local community events and fundraising. Westlanders are the core of these initiatives.