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Emergency Preparedness Week Takes Place May 7th to 13th

May 10, 2017


Emergency Preparedness week

Did you know this week, May 7 to 13, is Emergency Preparedness Week across Canada? Every year emergency preparedness week takes place during the first full week of May and aims to raise awareness about the risks associated with an emergency and how to best prepare for one.  By making sure your family has a proper plan and emergency kit in place, you can ensure your family will be much safer and better prepared.


It is important to remember that in the event of an emergency you may be without some necessities for a long period of time. Being ready to be by yourself for at least 3 days can help make sure your family is prepared. This can mean having essentials like food, water, and a battery or manual power flashlight easily accessible and ready to use. Also, outlining a family meeting place, both in and out of your neighborhood, should you be unable to return home, is essential to planning and preparing for an emergency. This will ensure that everyone is accounted for and safe.


To learn more about Emergency Preparedness Week  check out the Government of Canada Emergency Preparedness website to learn more about the risks, and how to be best prepared.

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