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Moving Checklist

Jun 28, 2017


Moving from one home to another can be a daunting task. There are many items to consider and coordinate, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Use this handy list to help organize and make your move as stress free as possible!


8 Weeks Before


  • Create a file or binder to track your moving expenses, receipts and confirmations pertaining to the move


  • Purge items you don’t want to take with you – this process can take some time so starting early is key!


  • Research how you would like to move your belongings. Will you pack and move them yourself, or will you be hiring a moving company? Make sure to decide and book early if you’re hiring a moving company. Remember: weekends and holidays are peak times for moving companies, or renting a moving truck. Make sure you book in advance!


4 Weeks Before


  • Begin gathering boxes and moving supplies. Start packing items you don’t regularly use to help ease the packing load closer to moving day. Clearly label all boxes with the contents, and which room they belong to.


  • Go online and request mail forwarding through Canada Post. Set the forwarding to begin a few days before your move. This will help you to avoid missing important mail after the move.


  • Book time off work on either side of the move to ensure you have time to pack, move, and get settled in a bit before heading back to work.


  • Check with your insurance broker that your current policy includes enough coverage for moving your belongings.


  • Notify important services of your move. Take this time to book installation appointments for services at your new home & request your records to be forwarded to your new provider if necessary.


    • Doctor
    • Dentist
    • Cell phone provider
    • Cable, internet and landline provider
    • Water (if applicable)
    • Gas provider
    • Electricity provider
    • Any credit card providers
    • Trash collection (if applicable)


2 Weeks Before


  • Confirm reservations with any moving services you’ve booked


  • Notify your insurance broker of your move, and new address. If your policy needs to be amended (i.e. going from a house to a condo) inquire about what information is needed and begin collecting information your agent will require.


  • Notify other services:


    • Vehicle financing
    • Bank
    • Credit card companies
    • Home care service providers (lawn mowing, house cleaning etc.)
    • Newspaper/magazine subscriptions
    • Pharmacy


  • Arrange for child care or pet care on moving day


  • Begin using up perishable and frozen foods in your home


  • If you’re moving into multi-unit housing such as an apartment or condo, contact the strata to book the elevator. Inquire about any move in/move out fees.


  • Book a vehicle tune up if you’re moving further away


  • Continue packing away less essential items


1 Week Before


  • Finish packing your boxes. Leave out essentials or important items you will need for your first day/night in your new home.


  • Arrange to have payments ready for any moving services you’re using such as:


  • Moving truck
  • Movers (often this includes a cash tip)
  • Building move in/out fee (if applicable)
  • Money for food on moving day
  • Refill any prescriptions you may need within the first weeks of moving



Night Before the Move


  • Pack an essentials box for everything you will need on moving day and your first night. This should include:
    • Snacks & Water
    • Scissors or a knife to open boxes
    • Garbage bags
    • Change of Clothes
    • Toiletries
    • Toilet Paper
    • Pet food & dish (if applicable)
    • Flashlight
    • Cleaning products
    • Shower Curtain
    • Towels
    • Important records or documents


  • Disassemble any bedroom sets to save time in the morning


  • Set aside all house plants and important pictures/art to be moved with you in your vehicle


Moving Day


  • Make sure kids and pets are safely at your pre-arranged moving day care provider


  • Clear a path to ensure there are no obstacles on the way to the moving truck


  • Pack any leftover fresh food/condiments in coolers with ice packs


  • If you’re using a moving company, accompany them as they inventory your possessions and take note of their current condition in case of any incident while moving


  • If you’re moving without a moving company, pack your moving truck


  • Pack your personal vehicle with any house plants, pictures or art


  • Before you leave:


    • Take one last walk through to check you haven’t left anything behind
    • Lock Windows
    • Turn all lights off
    • Lock the doors
  • Home Insurance