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Earthquake Information

If you don't currently have Earthquake Insurance, speak with one of our brokers to see how you can benefit from the additional coverage. Submit a quote request here for more information. 


 Large areas of British Columbia are located in seismic zones with high probability for significant damage.  Safety is a priority and knowing what to do before, during, and after an earthquake can save lives and reduce injuries, and also reduce property damage.  We all have a part to play in management of earthquake risk.

We recommend the BC Government website on emergency preparedness, and the Canadian Government website on what to do before an earthquake: 


When an event occurs, we will establish a catastrophe office to respond to claims.  Policy holders can report losses to any of our over 60 branch offices, by phone, or in person. Our plan integrates new claim reports to prioritize severe losses.

We will notify our disaster response teams to put their plans into action and co-ordinate with civil authorities. We will endeavor to maintain communications and to provide policy holders with helpful, accurate, and timely information.

Our insurer partners will also be putting their response plans into action and a policy holder can report the loss directly to them, with your policy number. Click here for their phone numbers and links to their claim websites.