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Auto Insurance

With more than 250,000 automobile crashes occurring in BC each year, top-quality auto insurance is a vital way to protect you and your family. No matter where you're going or what you're driving, we'll make sure you have the right coverage to protect what matters to you most.

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Basic Car Insurance Coverage

How your Basic Autoplan coverage from ICBC protects you and your family.

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Westland Green Private Auto

Westland Insurance is proud to offer another choice for auto insurance.

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Additional Coverage

Westland Insurance is proud to offer another choice for auto insurance

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Vehicle Registration & Licensing 

More than just insurance is available through our agents

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Driver Services

Need your licence renewed?  Like to get your Learner’s Licence but need to take the Driver Knowledge Test first? 

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Roadstar Package

A package of coverages available at a discount for select BC drivers.

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Roadside Plus

Provides eight coverages for one economical price.

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Rental Vehicle Insurance

Coverage for your rental vehicle and holiday road trips.

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Fleet-Vehicles Product page

Fleet Insurance Services

Westland has a dedicated team specializing in insuring your fleet.

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Save on Auto Insurance

We make it easy for you to balance your regular financial obligations with Easy Renew, our handy payment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q: What is Specified Perils or SPEC?

  • Q: What is TPL or Third Party Liability?

  • Q: What is RoadStar?

  • Q: What is Roadside Plus?

  • Q: What is Underinsured Motorist Protection?

  • Q: What is Rental Vehicle Protection?

  • Q: What is Loss of Use?

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  • Q: What organization handles drivers licences in BC?

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  • Q: What information should I collect if I am car accident?

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