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Changes to ICBC Car Insurance

ICBC Renewals

ICBC renewals can now be completed by phone or email. Request your ICBC Renewal online.

What is changing with car insurance in BC?

Effective September 1, 2019, ICBC is changing how insurance premiums are calculated. Driving experience and accident history will now have a greater impact on your insurance premiums. The type of vehicle, how it is used and where you live will continue to be included in the new calculation as well.

With the new driver based system, ICBC will require you not only to declare the primary driver but also to list any other people who will drive your vehicle.

ICBC has an  interactive tool that can help you understand how adding drivers can impact your premium or learn more by watching the video below.



How to renew ICBC car insurance

You will need to visit an Autoplan office to renew your ICBC insurance. Click here for a list of Westland Insurance offices in BC.

What to bring with you to renew your ICBC insurance:

  • Your BC Drivers Licence
  • Your renewal reminder letter or your current insurance papers
  • A list of drivers who drive your vehicle, including their Drivers Licence numbers and birthdates
  • A photograph of your current odometer reading (if your vehicle is driven less than 5,000 km per year) 

ICBC Accident Benefits

ICBC is also putting a greater focus on care for those injured in automobile accidents.  This means better coverage for you including:

  1. More types of treatments are covered
  2. More money for care and recovery after an accident
  3. More coverage towards lost wages

Learn more at  

To learn about how these changes impact fleet insurance visit Changes to ICBC Fleet Insurance

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