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BC Vehicle Insurance Coverage Options


Collector Vehicle Insurance

If you own a vehicle over 25 years old, that is in great condition, conforms to the original manufacturer's specifications and only used for pleasure use, then you may qualify for collector plates. Some limited edition vehicles 15 years old may qualify as well. With your collector plates, you are eligible for significantly lower premiums provided you have another non-collector vehicle licensed. Ask your Westland Insurance Advisor for more details.

If you are lucky enough to have more than 1 collector vehicle, a multi-collector plate may be a good option for you.

NOTE: Always retain any bills of sale, receipts and invoices pertaining to work done on your vehicle, and parts purchased.


Vintage Vehicle Insurance

If your vehicle is over 30 years of age and maintained as close as possible to original condition with original component parts may qualify for a Vintage plate and coverage. Ask your Westland Advisor for details.

NOTE: Always retain any bills of sale, receipts and invoices pertaining to work done on your vehicle, and parts purchased.


OFF Road Vehicles Coverage (ORV Insurance)

An off road vehicle is designed for use off-highway and does not meet safety standards for use on-highway. Vehicles including golf carts, snowmobiles, snow vehicles, dune buggies, ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), and other ORVs can be registered and insured at your local Westland Insurance autoplan broker.

$200 000 third party liability insurance is now required if you operate your off road vehicle on forest service roads.

Whether you are looking for liability insurance for your ATV or theft insurance coverage for your snowmobile, we can help. 


Excess Special Equipment Endorsement

If you own a valuable car stereo, have a custom paint finish, other permanently attached equipment, consider buying insurance for non-manufacturer's equipment permanently installed in your vehicle.


The Excess Special Equipment Endorsement covers non-manufacturer's equipment worth more than $5,000, or sound and communication equipment worth more than $1,000.


Be sure to keep your receipts or bills of sale as proof of the value of your equipment. Photos can also be helpful to prove it was installed in the vehicle.

The Excess Special Equipment Endorsement is not a replacement cost policy—instead, it increases the underlying $1,000/$5,000 limits for stereo and other non-manufacturer's equipment to the limit that you declare.


Vehicle in Storage Coverage

Whether a camper or a convertible, if you have a vehicle in storage, consider buying insurance for it.

The policy includes most of the same coverage protected by Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils, Third Party Liability, Accident Benefits and Extended Third Party Liability policies.

Campers, whether attached to a vehicle or not, can only be insured using a storage policy. Note that this policy does not cover any vehicle or trailer that is used as living accommodation.


Insurance for a rental vehicle

Renting a vehicle inside the United States or Canada? A rental vehicle insurance policy can offer protection for you and your rental car. Learn more about the different rental car coverage options available.


Luxury Vehicle Coverage

Do you own or lease a luxury vehicle? You can apply to ICBC for a Special Risk Own Damage Policy in ensure you have adequate limits of coverage.

Click here to find out if your vehicle is considered a luxury vehicle or visit one of our Westland Autoplan brokers in BC.