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BC Car Insurance Coverage Options Explained

Collector Vehicles

If you own a vehicle over 25 years old, that is in great condition, conforms to the original manufacturer's specifications and only used for pleasure use, then you may qualify for collector plates. Some limited edition vehicles 15 years old may qualify as well. With your collector plates, you are eligible for significantly lower premiums provided you have another non-collector vehicle licensed. Ask your Westland Insurance Advisor for more details.

If you are lucky enough to have more than 1 collector vehicle, a multi-collector plate may be a good option for you.

NOTE: Always retain any bills of sale, receipts and invoices pertaining to work done on your vehicle, and parts purchased.

Vintage Vehicles

If your vehicle is over 30 years of age and maintained as close as possible to original condition with original component parts may qualify for a Vintage plate and coverage. Ask your Westland Advisor for details.

NOTE: Always retain any bills of sale, receipts and invoices pertaining to work done on your vehicle, and parts purchased.


Collision insurance covers damage to your car from impact with another vehicle, person, object or the road surface—even if you are at fault. If needed, it also covers the costs of towing, storage, and salvage disposal. Note that it does not cover loss or damage to:

  • contents of any vehicle (other than some contents of a motor home)
  • tires, unless the damage is due to the collision
  • any damage that is a result of mechanical breakdown, rust, corrosion, wear and tear, freezing, or explosion within the combustion chamber

The type of vehicle you drive, your claim record and where you live all have an impact on premiums for collision coverage.


Comprehensive insurance covers loss or damage to your vehicle by most causes, except those covered by Collision insurance. This includes vehicle damage or loss from:

  • fire
  • theft
  • vandalism
  • falling or flying objects
  • malicious mischief
  • lightning
  • windstorm
  • earthquake
  • hail
  • impact with animals
  • various other mishaps

Restrictions include vehicle contents, tires (except if stolen or if damage is a result of the losses listed above), and damage that comes as a result of mechanical breakdown, rust, corrosion, wear and tear, freezing or explosion within the combustion chamber.

Claims made under Comprehensive coverage do not affect your discount on the Claim-Rated Scale. In fact, your standing on the Claim-Rated Scale determines whether you get a discount (or pay a surcharge) on the base premium.

Excess Special Equipment Endorsement

If you own a valuable car stereo, have a custom paint finish, other permanently attached equipment, consider buying insurance for non-manufacturer's equipment permanently installed in your vehicle.


The Excess Special Equipment Endorsement covers non-manufacturer's equipment worth more than $5,000, or sound and communication equipment worth more than $1,000.


Be sure to keep your receipts or bills of sale as proof of the value of your equipment. Photos can also be helpful to prove it was installed in the vehicle.

The Excess Special Equipment Endorsement is not a replacement cost policy—instead, it increases the underlying $1,000/$5,000 limits for stereo and other non-manufacturer's equipment to the limit that you declare.

Limited Depreciation

Even if you don't qualify for Replacement Cost Coverage, consider protecting your vehicle against declining value due to depreciation. If your vehicle is up to three model years old, you are eligible for this coverage, which offers:

  • A cash settlement that compensates you for depreciation if your vehicle is declared a write off after a crash.
  • Your choice of repair shop, with fully guaranteed repairs for as long as you own your vehicle, if it is repairable.

New Vehicle Replacement Plus

If you’ve just bought a new car, consider ICBC's New Vehicle Replacement Plus insurance.

It declares your new vehicle a write off when the assessed damage exceeds just 50% of market value. You have the choice of a cash payout or replacement with a brand-new vehicle, compensation for depreciation and inflation, and more.

Replacement Cost Coverage

This is great protection if your vehicle is three years old or newer. If your vehicle is written off, you can choose between a new version of your car or a cash payout. If repairs are done, you are guaranteed new parts from the manufacturer where available.

Specified Perils

All coverage provided by Specified Perils is also included under Comprehensive coverage, so you should choose one or the other—not both. Specified Perils coverage is similar to Comprehensive, but it covers a more limited list of risks including:

  • fire
  • lightning
  • theft
  • windstorm
  • earthquake
  • hail
  • various other mishaps

Some of the losses not covered include damage from vandalism, malicious mischief, falling objects such as rocks, or impact with an animal.

Vehicle in Storage coverage

Whether a camper or a convertible, if you have a vehicle in storage, consider buying insurance for it.

The policy includes most of the same coverage protected by Collision, Comprehensive, Specified Perils, Third Party Liability, Accident Benefits and Extended Third Party Liability policies.

Campers, whether attached to a vehicle or not, can only be insured using a storage policy. Note that this policy does not cover any vehicle or trailer that is used as living accommodation.