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How to Save on Car Insurance in BC

Car Insurance in BC

Auto insurance in BC is mandatory for everyone and there are many coverage options available. Though every policy in BC must contain ICBC Autoplan basic car insurance, consumers also have the choice of using a private insurance company for comprehensive and other insurance add-ons. 
ICBC Basic Autoplan has five main coverages that address significant protection:

• Third party liability – protects you when you are at fault for an accident and another person makes a claim 
• Accident benefits – pays for injury treatment, medical expenses and loss of wages or benefits 
• Under-insured motorist protection – coverage when person who causes a crash has no insurance, or not enough to cover losses.
• Protection against hit-and-run and uninsured motorists – coverage to a maximum of $200,000 
• Inverse liability coverage – coverage in Canada and U.S where law restricts loss recovery from driver at fault
Click here for further details on these coverages.

For more information about Basic Autoplan, contact the nearest Westland Insurance Group office, or call 604-543-7788 or toll free at 1-800-899-3093.

Westland Green Private Auto Insurance

One of the benefits of dealing with a Westland Insurance broker is having the option of purchasing Westland Green private auto insurance to supplement the ICBC Basic Autoplan. Underwritten by Intact Insurance, the Green program offers two choices – Greenshield, which is standard for all Westland Green policies, and Greenshield+, offering increased benefits on the plan.
 Some examples of Greenshield coverages are:
Greenshield standard Greenshield+
-Loss of Use - $1,000/occurrence   $2,000/occurrence
-Travel Protection - $1,500 for 1-2 people $3,000 for 1-2 people
-Lock Re-keying - $500 for one policy period $1,000 for one policy period
Westland Greenshield+ also offers increased value over ICBC Roadstar Plus on many coverages.


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Going through car insurance options can be daunting as there are many mandatory aspects combined with a variety of new coverages through optional sources. 
Westland makes it easier for you to get a quote. Our brokers have years of experience dealing with Autoplan coverages and can work with you to find the best coverage for your specific needs.  


Online Auto Renewals in BC

At the moment, it is not possible to renew your auto insurance online. You would need to visit your broker, but the process is relatively simple. Just take note of the following items:
• Bring your current insurance papers or the Notice to Renew you received in the mail
• Show your valid driver’s license or other primary photo ID
• Have a void cheque for automatic withdrawals, or if your account information has changed
• Ensure all overdue bridge tolls are paid
Your Westland Insurance broker is available if you have other questions about your insurance renewal. To find an office near you, click here.


Top 10 Ways to Save Money on your Auto Insurance


1. Drive safely to avoid having a claim
It may seem obvious but keeping your driving record claim free will save you the most on your Autoplan premiums. That’s because for each consecutive year you drive without a claim, you take a step up ICBC’s claim-rated scale. Stay claim free and reach the top discount and you’ll save up to 43% on your Autoplan Basic premium. For more information on the Claims Rated Scale, ask your Westland Insurance representative or go to

2. Be choosy about who drives your vehicle
Driving carefully is important but making sure that the only people who drive your vehicle are safe drivers is key too. If someone has an at-fault collision when they’re driving your car, it’s your insurance premium that will be affected.

3. Protect yourself against theft 
Vehicle theft has become a growing problem in BC. You can qualify for a discount on your premium by installing the right type of anti-theft device. While there are many types of anti-theft devices, you can get a reduced premium by having an electronic immobilizer professionally installed in your vehicle.

4. Ask about possible discounts
Drivers who are age 65 or older or who have a disability may qualify for additional discounts on their Basic Autoplan premium. As well, antique and collector plates offer insurance at a lower rate for special vehicles and, if you’re insuring five or more vehicles, you may be eligible for a fleet discount.

5. Choose your coverages carefully
The age and condition of your vehicle may determine the type of auto insurance you need. Be sure to ask your broker to review your insurance coverage every renewal to ensure you are purchasing the right level of protection.

6. Ask your broker about higher deductibles 
Depending on factors like the age or condition of your vehicle, you may want to consider raising your deductible on optional coverages such as Collision or Comprehensive. These higher deductibles can enable you to still carry the coverage you’re looking for but at a more affordable price.

7. Protect your claim free discount whenever possible
Drivers can choose to repay their claims to maintain their current discounts. This is the only way to protect your current discount level if you have an at-fault crash.

8. Look at buying bundled coverages 
We offer a number of excellent coverage packages such as RoadStar and Roadside Plus. These packages will save you money over buying them separately and give you the overall peace of mind you’re looking for. In the case of Roadside Plus, you get eight coverages for one affordable price.

9. Take another look at what you drive
The type of vehicle you’re insuring is one of the factors that is involved in determining your premium. Typically, the more a vehicle costs to repair, the higher the premium will be.

10. Make sure you rate your vehicle accordingly 
Another factor that determines your premium is how you use your vehicle. If your vehicle is insured for to-and-from work and you’re only using it for pleasure, notify your broker.


For more good advice about how to save money on your car insurance, contact the Westland Insurance Group office that’s most convenient for you or call our Telecentre at 604-543-7788 or toll free at 1-800-899-3093.