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Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance in BC should be part of any business plan as the risks and rewards of operating a business are very high. Therefore, protecting yourself with the appropriate commercial liability insurance is one of the most important initiatives you can take.

The right commercial insurance coverage protects you from unexpected risks and accidental losses that can occur during the normal course of operations and result in catastrophic financial loss.–

 As experienced Commercial Insurance brokers we can quickly determine the types ofloss exposures you face and the potential economic losses that you are vulnerable to.

Non-profit societies, for-profit corporations and businesses alike need the right type and amount of insurance to provide the freedom to focus on navigating their way through the complex world of business. In a society that is becoming more litigious every day, insurance that protects a business and its employees from legal actions, allows organizations to operate their business without the fear of facing unfunded liabilities.

Commercial Insurance in BC

Depending on your business operations and insurance needs, you may need business insurance quotes for:

  • Commercial General liability
  • Commercial Fleets and Automobile Insurance
  • Directors and officers Liability Insurance
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance
  • Abuse and harassment Liability Insurance
  • Professional Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance
  • Cargo Insurance and Inland Marine
  • Crime and Fidelity Insurance
  • Environmental and Pollution Liability Insurance
  • Credit Risk and Accounts Receivable Insurance
  • Cyber Risks Insurance

Business insurance online quotes can be requested with our Commercial Insurance Quote form.

Protect Your Business with a Commercial Insurance Quote

Commercial general liability is the first line of defense against many common problems. It protects you against claims of bodily injury, other physical injury and property damage.

Commercial liability insurance is frequently offered with property insurance to protect your business against incidents that occur on your premises. It also allows you to continue operating if you are involved in a negligence or wrongdoing lawsuit.

You can obtain a commercial insurance quote after discussing your particulars with your Westland insurance broker, who will also alert you to the limits of certain types of coverage. For example, commercial general liability only protects against some business liabilities, not all. You may also need to consider a Professional Liability Insurance policy.

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