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Hull & Machinery / Protection & Indemnity

What is it? – similar to your car insurance, insuring your vessel is 2-pronged :

1) insuring the physical damage to your vessel,

2) insuring the legal liability arising out of the ownership and operation of your vessel. 

Liability which includes: Passenger Liability, Collision Liability, Cargo Liability, Pollution Liability, and more.


Do I need it? – Although Hull & Machinery insurance is optional, P&I insurance is required by Federal and Provincial regulations.  In addition, the Canadian government has set minimum liability requirements based on your operations which must be adhered to.  In order to remain in compliance with all Federal and Provincial laws and regulations, please


What should I consider?


What is my vessel worth? – in the event of a total loss, what would it take to replace your vessel?   Are you able to find a similar vessel in the market or will you need to construct a new one?   How do you determine the appropriate value for your Hull & Machinery Insurance?


What are my operational exposures? – What is my maximum liability for bodily injury to passengers?  Do I need cargo coverage?  How are the personal effects of the passengers handled?


Do I need a sea waybill? – In the event of a loss to cargo shipped aboard my vessel, what are my liabilities?


Do I need a passenger waiver? – when is a waiver required, and what limitations do they offer?



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