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Marina Operators’ Legal Liability


What is it – a marina operators’ legal liability (“MOLL”) policy insures your liability for bodily injury or damage to 3rd party property arising out of the ownership and operation of a marina.  Coverage can extend to cover various sales, service, and storage related to the marina operations.


Do I need it? – There are numerous exposures covered under an MOLL policy, both direct physical damage to your property and your legal liability for the damage to vessels moored or stored at your facility.  Whether you lease or own your marina, your best protection for your investment is with an MOLL policy.


What should I consider?


What is my maximum exposure? – without your immediate attention, the value of vessels taken in by your staff during normal operations could become far more excessive than you think.   Is your policy able to cope with such a high limit?


What happens in the event of a loss to vessel moored at my marina? – Will my customer and my underwriter agree on the value?  What can I do to avoid any arguments?


Is pollution covered by my policy?


How do I begin?


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