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Fleet and Cargo Insurance

Forget about paperwork and focus on the road.

When you’re on the highway, you don’t want to be worrying about your Prorate paperwork, the load you subcontracted to another carrier or what could happen to the dairy in your trailer if the refrigerator crashes.

At Westland Insurance, we have dedicated fleet brokers trained and experienced in the trucking industry. We understand the risks you face and the deadlines you’re up against.

Why choose Westland to handle your fleet and cargo insurance?

  • Expert support. Backed by our experience and range of carriers, we’re always looking out for you to ensure you have the right coverage and that you’re prepared in the event of a freight claim.
  • Priority service. We know how important it is to process all of your transactions as fast as possible.
  • Prorate services. We make the process of adding units and owner operators as efficient as possible.On renewal we are able to help calculate your IFTA quarters to ensure you’re paying the right amount to each province.
  • One broker for all your Prorate, Fleet and Cargo needs. One dedicated fleet and cargo broker handles all your accounts.
  • Claims support. We’re always here to help walk you through a claim.On renewal of your fleet, we will provide a comprehensive review of your loss history and help determine what can be done to maintain your fleet discount.
  • ICBC Fleetplan –We know when you should be applying for the ICBC Fleetplan Agreement. Our experience allows us to know the pros, the cons and how to maintain it.We understand the process and can help determine if it’s right for you.

 Highlights of our Motor Truck Cargo Coverage includes:

  • Cargo limits up to $3 million
  • CGL limits up to $10 million
  • Optional coverage or Increased limits for Contingent Cargo, Non-Owned Trailers, Freight Charges, Debris Removal, Employee Dishonesty, Crane Operators Liability, Contractual Penalties, Loading/Unloading, and Mysterious Disappearances
  • US filing fees included at no charge
  • Low minimum premium of $1,000

Helpful links to get you started.

Navigating your way through the insurance and licensing process can be difficult. Below are some helpful links to common forms used in your industry. Please contact us for any assistance you may require.

For more information about Fleet and Cargo, contact our Commercial Insurance Specialists at or call 1-800-899-3093.