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Office & Retail Business Insurance in BC

In many ways, retail locations and businesses offices look similar to how they did 20 – 30 years ago. But, anyone operating a retail storefront or a business office knows that the risks facing you as an owner or lessee have changed significantly.

Which is why we have changed our Retail & Office Insurance product, making it customizable to fit your needs. Our Westland staff have been helping businesspeople like you for more than 20 years and we understand your risks. And we’re able to help you manage them.

Along with our specialized knowledge, our insurance professionals offer you a high level of service and expert claims advice. We provide you with expert loss control and risk management services.

Risk management

Along with a high level of service and a range of insurance products, we offer expert claims advice and loss control and risk management services for the retail and office clients we insure.

For more information about Retail & Office Insurance, contact our Retail & Office Insurance Specialists at or call our Telecentre at (604) 543-7788 or toll free at 1-800-899-3093.