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High Value House Insurance

For most people, their home is their biggest investment. We also know that – like insurance policies – not all houses are created equal.

That’s why we take the time, up front, to ensure you have enough coverage to protect your house and your belongings. Our risk and values assessment process is a key step in determining your needs. See how we stack up against our competitors’ standard home insurance policies.

Westland Key Insurance Features and Benefits

All Risk or Comprehensive Policy We cover your dwelling and property for "all risks", not specific losses or "perils"
Off Premises coverage - contents We insure your contents both while temporarily away from your premises AND while permanently at another uninsured location (worldwide).
This includes student property while at school.
Guaranteed Replacement Cost – on home We protect you in case the cost to repair or replace your dwelling increased during the policy term ---with no maximum. If you choose not to rebuild on the same site, we will settle on replacement cost, up to the full sum insured.
Replacement Cost – on contents We pay based on Replacement Cost on your contents, with no allowance for depreciation,even if you choose a cash settlement instead of replacing the items.
Bylaws Coverage We cover additional costs to bring your house up to current building standards in the event of a loss ---additional sum with no maximum.
No Deductible for Losses over $50,000
Temporary Relocation Costs Protection We cover your additional expenses if you need to move out of your home as a result of an insured loss
Liberalization Clause If we increase any included coverage, you immediately get that coverage – at no extra charge.

Westland High Value Home Insurance Comparison

Feature Westland Standard Competitor Policy
Personal Liability– including Personal Injury $5 million included with base policy $1 million or less included with base policy -- not including Personal Injury
Silverware, Goldware, Pewterware
$100,000 $25,000 or less
No limit $1,000 per item, or less
Theft from Vehicle
No limit $3,000 or less
Personal Computer Hardware
No limit $5,000 or less
Spoilage of food in refrigerator or freezer
$5,000 $1,000 or less
Wine Spoilage in Fridge
$5,000 Not available
Gardening Equipment
$25,000 $10,000 or less
Student Property
No limit $3,000 or less
Property in Storage
No limit Not available. Must buy separate storage policy
Parent Property in Care Facility
$5,000 Not available
Property in a Care Facility
$10,000 Not available
Bank Cards, Forgery & Counterfiet Money
$10,000 $10,000
Identity Fraud
$25,000 Must buy a separate coverage
Search and Rescue
$5,000 Not available
$15,000 $5,000 or less
Debris Removal
Additional Amount – no max Included amount to 5% or less
Excavation & Land Stabilization
AdditionalAmount - Up to 10% of a covered loss Not available
Plants & Lawns
Additional Amount – max $1,500 per item Included amount to $1,000 per item or less
Extended Care Facility Protection – Contents
westland-exclusive N/A
Contents in Storage
westland-exclusive N/A
Cash Replacement Option
westland-exclusive N/A



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