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Save on Home Insurance in BC


Alarms offer Peace of Mind and Savings Too! 

An alarm installed in your home not only safeguards your possessions and family, it can get you a discount on your home insurance.

According to the CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation), burglaries make up 22% of all property crimes.  Even though a house alarm doesn’t replace solid doors, windows and locks, it can be an effective deterrent for criminals.  You should think about getting an alarm if:

  • You live in a quiet neighbourhood
  • You have valuable belongings in your home
  • You spend time away from the house for long periods of time
  • You want to take advantage of Westland’s discount for house alarms

We all take pride in finding a good deal, not spending more than we have to on our purchases. But the key factors to consider when purchasing home insurance are far more than just price.

Making sure you, your family and your possessions are adequately covered for the kinds of risks that concern you will always be your main focus. Which is why, at Westland, we do our best to help you save money once you’ve selected the amount of coverage that’s right for you. We recommend you:

Shop wisely – unlike many other products that we buy, the types and levels of coverage vary widely between different companies. It’s these differences that mean you need to make an informed choice: asking detailed questions about coverage is one of the most important things you can do before buying your coverage. What kinds of risks do you want coverage for and what types of risks are you prepared to assume? Learn as much as possible about each home insurance product before making your decision.

Investigate higher deductibles – in many cases, you can save a significant amount of money by purchasing the coverage you want with slightly higher deductibles. Make sure you ask your broker about the options for deductibles and the effect it will have on your premium.

Ask about discounts – at Westland Insurance, we recognize that each of our customers have unique needs, which is why we offer numerous discounts that recognize the different circumstances you face. Installing an alarm or water leak protection device or even just being age 55 or over: take advantage of these discounts while still getting the coverage you need.

Still have questions about how to save money on high-quality home insurance? Contact the Westland Insurance office nearest you or call our Telecentre at 604-543-7788 or toll free at 1-800-899-3093.