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Storage Insurance Coverage BC

You’ve put your belongings in storage because you don’t have space to keep them where you live. You expect the self-storage facility to take care of your goods, but did you know that if there’s a fire, burglary, or other problem, your property isn’t covered by the facility’s insurance?

Most Homeowner or Tenant insurance policies don’t provide enough coverage for your stored property. Most policies only cover the first 30 days your goods are in storage.

That’s why Westland Insurance Group offers convenient coverage of your stored property, for the entire time your goods are there, for surprisingly little cost.

Protect your stored valuables from dangers such as smoke and fire damage, escaping water and impact or explosion.

For more information about Storage Insurance, contact the Westland Insurance Group office that’s most convenient for you or call our Telecentre at (604) 543-7788 or toll free at 1-800-899-3093.