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Tips for Safe Travel and Travel Insurance

Travelling is an exciting time--match that enthusiasm with strong planning. Here are six tips to help safeguard your health and finances while abroad:

  1. Buy supplemental travel insurance. Statistics show that 40% of travellers rely on their company or group plan, but you may need additional coverage.
  2. Check your travel insurance cancellation policies. Under what circumstances will your policy refund your ticket in case you cancel your trip?
  3. Check the Canadian Foreign Affairs Travel Advisories. This website provides nine levels of travel warnings:
  4. Visit your local travel clinic for required shots and ask about health precautions for your destination. The Canadian Public Health Agency provides a list of clinics:
  5. For updates on outbreaks, visit the Canadian Public Health Agency’s website:
  6. Keep a hard copy of your prescription in case you lose your medication and need a refill.

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