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BC Travel Insurance Costs 

Most trips end in fond memories and a tan—but sometimes tragedy strikes.

Planning ahead could help you avoid costly, unexpected medical bills.

When travelling outside of Canada, the cost of medical treatment can quickly add up. Here are some examples of the uninsured costs of treating medical emergencies abroad: 






Costs ($CAD)

Male 73 Heart attack Denver $305,000
Female 39 Pneumonia Arizona $66,000
Male 20 Fractured bone Australia $6,500
Male 44 Severe sunburn Florida $185,000
Female 38 Abdominal pain New York $11,200


Some of the medical expenses that you may be responsible for paying include:

  • Pharmaceuticals or medical supplies
  • Ambulance and emergency transportation
  • Hotel for spouse
  • Bills from medical practitioners other than a physician

Travel insurance products protect you from paying for medical and related expenses not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan or your employer group plan.

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