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BC Insurance for Limited Speed Vehicles

Jun 14, 2018


Do you ride a motorized scooter, electric bicycle, motorized wheelchair, or a similar low powered vehicle in British Columbia? These types of vehicles usually have a limited speed and all have different rules and regulations on how they can be used on BC roads.

A  limited-speed motorcycle or scooter, which ICBC mainly defines as having a max speed of 70km/h and an engine displacement of 50 cc’s or less, requires registration, licensing, and insurance in BC. However, a class 6 motorcycle license is NOT required to operate these low powered vehicles.

All other types of low powered vehicles such as electric bicycles and motorized wheelchairs don’t require any registration, licensing, or any type of auto insurance but it is important to be aware of how they can be used on the road.

Electric bicycles do not follow the same requirements as motorized scooters and can operate on the road. Electric bicycles are treated similar to bicycles in terms of rules and regulations. Riders must wear helmets and the electric bicycle can be operated anywhere a normal bicycle can be operated as well. An electric bicycle may also not reach a speed greater than 32km/h.

Similarly, a motorized wheelchair are treated the same as a pedestrian would be treated. They can be used on the sidewalk with other pedestrians.

To get your moped or electric scooter on the road, talk to one of our insurance specialist about getting the proper BC car insurance for your vehicle.  

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