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Situated at the western tip of Lake Ontario, Burlington is a southern Ontario city located along the Golden Horseshoe corridor. With a population of roughly 200,000 people, it’s almost exactly halfway between Toronto and Niagara Falls, within easy reach of Hamilton.

Burlington has been ranked among the top 10 small Canadian cities to live in. Nestled in the Niagara Escarpment, it’s a safe, serene, and beautiful place to call home. From its plentiful parkland and trails to its picturesque downtown waterfront, Burlington offers something for everyone. Enjoy a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens (the largest botanical garden in Canada), take in the exhibits at the Art Gallery of Burlington, or experience new sounds and sights at one of Spencer Smith Park’s many festivals. Looking for a little local history? Check out the Joseph Brant Museum or the Ireland House Museum at Oakridge Farm.

If you live in Burlington, Ontario, you know that it’s a special community filled with opportunities and amenities for people of all ages. It’s also a place where most residents choose to own a vehicle. Whether you commute to work every day, enjoy weekend trips to cottage country, or simply want to get around town conveniently, owning a car in Burlington makes sense.

But what about insuring your Burlington vehicle? At Westland Insurance, located at 3390 S. Service Rd., #201, we understand that researching and purchasing car insurance in Ontario can feel like a big undertaking. That’s why our professional team is always ready to help you understand and navigate your Ontario auto insurance options. Whether online, in person, or over the phone, we’ll provide you with multiple quotes so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. And we’ll answer your questions every step of the way!

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How Car Insurance in Burlington Works

Auto insurance is required by law throughout the province of Ontario and across Canada. In Ontario, auto insurance is privatized, but it’s also carefully monitored and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO). When seeking Burlington auto insurance, you may be able to find a variety of quotes and options through different insurance companies. At Westland Insurance, we recommend comparing multiple quotes before committing to a policy. We also recommend doing this every time your car insurance is up for renewal.

In Ontario, including in the city of Burlington, auto insurance is no-fault. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never be considered at fault in an accident. What it does mean is that each driver deals with claims solely through their own insurance provider, no matter who was deemed at fault for a collision. In other words, you’ll never deal directly with another insurance company besides your own.

In Ontario, all drivers must carry a minimum amount of mandatory coverage. Every auto insurance policy in Ontario must include the following four types of coverage:

  • Third-Party Liability
    • If you’re held legally responsible for injury due to an accident or damage to property while driving, third-party liability insurance will help to cover legal fees, medical expenses, lost wages, repairs, and more, up to the limit identified in your policy.
  • Accident Benefits
    • Regardless of who is at fault, accident benefits insurance will cover medical and rehabilitation expenses, death benefits, income replacement, and more for you, your passengers, and any pedestrians or cyclists who were involved in the accident.
  • Underinsured Motorist Protection
    • If you’re in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have appropriate insurance to pay the damages that you were awarded from a claim, underinsured motorist protection comes into play, but only in the event that you’re not at fault for the accident.
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)
    • If another driver was at fault in an accident, DCPD covers damage to your vehicle and loss of use.

Beyond mandatory coverage, there are many enhanced coverage options in the province of Ontario. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Collision Coverage
    • Regardless of who is deemed at fault, collision coverage insures your vehicle against damages sustained in any type of collision (with another vehicle or stationary object).
  • Specified Perils Coverage
    • This type of insurance covers financial losses from a list of specific risks that are named in your policy. Common inclusions are damages from theft, fire, wind, riots, and more.
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance
    • If your car is damaged in an event unrelated to driving, comprehensive coverage will kick in unless the type of damage sustained is specifically excluded from your policy.
  • All Perils
    • All perils coverage combines specified perils and comprehensive insurance, plus adds further coverage in the event that an employee or member of your household steals your vehicle.
  • Other Optional Coverages
    • There are many other types of optional coverage available, including loss of use, family protection coverage, accident forgiveness, removing depreciation deduction, and more.

Car Insurance FAQ

Insurance companies consider many factors when determining auto insurance rates in Burlington. Here are some of them:

  • Driver Demographics
    • Your age, gender, and driving record all impact your auto insurance rates.
  • Location
    • Insurance companies take statistics about theft, vandalism, fraud, accidents, and claims in your neighbourhood into consideration.
  • Type of Vehicle
    • The make, model, age, cost to repair, safety ratings, and theft ratings of your vehicle all influence how much you’ll pay for your policy.
  • Driving Activity
    • Will you be commuting every day or only using your vehicle occasionally? This information will be factored into your Burlington car insurance rates.
  • Type of Insurance Coverage
    • Basic insurance is always less expensive than more comprehensive coverage. But it can pay off in the long term!
  • Tips for Reducing Your Auto Insurance Rates
    • Consider purchasing a vehicle with high safety ratings and low theft ratings.
    • Maintain an excellent driving history.
    • Pay your insurance premiums on time.
    • Consider increasing your deductibles.
    • Bundle your insurance through one provider, if possible (e.g., home and auto insurance).
    • Compare quotes!

If you’re deemed a high-risk driver in Ontario, you probably have multiple claims and driving infractions to your name. While you can still obtain insurance, you can expect to pay more for it than a driver with a clean record. At Westland Insurance, our brokers can assist high-risk drivers seeking auto insurance. You may also wish to locate an agency that deals specifically with high-risk driving solutions.

Underwriting rules in Ontario are guidelines that auto insurance companies use to decline, limit, or charge more for coverage based on specific circumstances. For example, if you’ve lapsed on paying your premium in the past, you may face higher premiums moving forward or be denied coverage by certain companies altogether.

There is generally a fee associated with cancelling your Burlington auto insurance coverage mid-term, but the exact amount will depend on your specific policy and insurance company. One of Westland’s professional brokers will be happy to walk you through the process.

Comparing Burlington car insurance quotes can help you to discover substantial opportunities for savings. To start the process, contact Westland Insurance online, by phone, or in person today!

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