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As a business owner, you may need to purchase a surety bond when entering into a contract. Suppose the unexpected happens and you’re unable to fulfill your contractual obligation. In that case, a surety bond will protect the third party from the financial impact of the inability to complete the terms of the contract. With the many unknowns of owning a business, don’t let entering a contract be one of them. As a business owner, we know that you wear many hats, so let us look after your insurance needs so you can focus on what’s most important.

As your local insurance experts, we know that each business in Saskatchewan is unique in its own way. From long-established small contracting businesses in Saskatoon to construction companies that provide work from Swift Current over to Yorkton and all other businesses in between, we’ve got you covered. With all it has to offer, it’s not hard to understand why so many people decide to set up shop in Saskatchewan.

We understand it’s vital to protect what’s most important to you and your business. Our expert insurance advisors are here to ensure you’re protected and provide peace of mind so you can focus on nurturing your business for the future.

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Why Choose Westland?

We know that your business insurance needs to match your goals, your business and your budget. Our expert business insurance advisors get to know you and your business, so that they can tailor a policy to your exact needs. We’ll work with you to build a risk management solution, ensuring coverages line up with your business needs.

Insurance can be complex sometimes. Let our expert insurance advisors do the heavy lifting! We’ll help you find a policy that you feel is the best fit and provides peace of mind. To learn more about the benefits of being a Westland client, Click here.

Contract Surety Bonding Insurance Explained

A contract surety bond is a unique relationship between a contractor, project owner, and surety company, facilitated by your insurance broker. Regardless of the scope of the construction project, contract bonds ensure the obligations made as part of a construction contract will be met.

No matter the industry, our business insurance advisors can quickly determine the risks your business may face and the potential financial losses that can leave your business in a vulnerable position.

Typically, general contractors, construction companies, and government subcontractors use this type of bond when completing commercial and government real estate projects.

A contract surety bond will relieve the project owner of the risk of a financial loss if there is a failure on the contractor’s part to complete their obligations. This can be the case for many reasons, but the more common reasons are:

  • Managerial Issues
    • Inadequate job costing or project management systems
    • Changes to key personnel that impact the progress of the project
    • Changes to business strategy that impact work in progress
    • Too much growth too quickly, putting pressure on financial and human resources
    • The project was out of scope for the contractor
  • Labour & Materials Issues
    • Shortage of labour to complete the project
    • Material changes to the cost of input products due to scarcity, tariffs, etc.
    • Unrecoverable cost escalations
  • Uncontrollable Factors
    • Severe weather causing delays
    • Unexpected economic failures
    • Changes in the job site conditions
    • Death, illness or departure of key employees
    • Labour shortages or difficulties
    • Difficult contract terms or working environment

Any one of these factors can cause a delay in meeting contractual obligations within the agreed-upon scope. A contract surety bond offers financial protection for third parties for any of these types of problems that can come up.

There are two main types of surety bonds. The type of bond you require depends on your current situation, but in many cases, contractors may need all three of the following:

  • Bid Bond
    A bid bond provides your guarantee that, when bidding on a project, the bid has been submitted in good faith. It is the full intention that if your company is selected as the successful bidder, you will assure the pricing you have provided and will provide necessary performance and payment bonds when necessary.
  • Performance Bond
    A performance bond is precisely that – a guarantee that your company will perform the duties and responsibilities as outlined in the contract. If you cannot create work as described or meet timelines, your inability to perform will cost your customer money in financing, perhaps late penalties, lost revenue, and more. A performance bond gives your customer the protection they need to avoid the financial loss because of your inability to fulfill the contract.

Bond issuance is based on many factors, but in short, a good relationship between you, the contractor, the bonding company, and your insurance broker is vital to continuing with large-scale projects. Most companies will need to “prequalify” for bonding so that when the perfect job comes available, they can enter into a bid quickly with confidence in their ability to perform the work. Going through prequalification for bonding can ensure you have a complete handle on the KPI’s that drive your business forward, such as:

    • Capacity to Perform Tasks
    • Financial Strengths
    • Company History
    • Organizational Structure
    • Continuation Plans
    • References
    • Current Work In Progress
    • Good Character
    • Experience in Matching Contract Obligations
    • Financial Stability
    • Good Credit History
    • Solid Banking Relationship
    • Line of Credit
    • Has Equipment & Resources to Carry Out the Contract

How Much Do Contract Surety Bonds Cost in Saskatchewan?

Just as businesses differ across Saskatchewan, so do the risks and exposures which impact the cost. The following factors will impact the cost of your contract surety and bond coverage:

  • Location
  • Duration of Project
  • Type of Work
  • Government vs. Company
  • Percentage of Contract Amount
  • Annual Fees

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10 Saskatchewan Business Facts

  1. Saskatchewan has a diverse agriculture and agri-food sector. In fact, it’s world renowned for supplying quality agricultural ingredients and foods.
  2. The next time you reach for flour in a recipe, it most likely came from a Saskatchewan field. Farmers across the province count for over 54% of all the wheat crop in Canada.
  3. The world’s oldest running gold mine was discovered by a Saskatchewan farmer in 1906. Since coming across it while digging a hole with a plough, it’s still operating and is one of the largest gold mines globally.
  4. When you think of the Saskatchewan agricultural scene, breadbasket crops come to mind. However, 96% of lentils, 90% of chickpeas and 70% of dry pea crops grown in Canada came from SK fields.
  5. Fan of mustard on your hotdog or hamburger? Odds are that your favourite condiment came from Saskatchewan, producing approximately over 80% of Canada’s mustard crop.
  6. When you think of Saskatchewan, flat lands and prairie landscapes might come to mind. In fact, over 50% of the province is covered in dense forests. The commercial forestry zone has 11.7 million hectares, 5.3 million of which are classified as productive forest land.
  7. The Regina Symphony Orchestra is the longest continuously running orchestra in Canada since being founded back in 1904.
  8. Regina is home to Scotty the T-Rex, the largest known Tyrannosaurs rex in the world. Weighing in at just under 20,000 pounds you can visit Scotty at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.
  9. Saskatoon has seen continued growth throughout the years, reporting 11,743 total licensed businesses. Saskatoon welcomed 1,365 new businesses in 2019.
  10. The province is an energy giant. It features the most diverse primary energy resource base throughout Canada.
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