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Farm operations are diverse and complex, ranging from small hobby farms to large corporate agribusinesses. No matter the size, our farm insurance coverage protects you against the unexpected.

Our expert, dedicated Manitoba farm advisors provide peace of mind, ensuring your farming business is covered so you can focus on what matters most.

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A trusted source for farm insurance in Manitoba

Whether you're looking for insurance for your livestock or grain operation, we’ll make sure you get everything you need, with lots of extra value along the way.

Expert advisors go above and beyond

Our advisors go the extra mile every step of the way. We get to know you and your farming operation to provide personalized coverage.

More insurers means more choices

We have a large network of insurers that we can tap into – guaranteeing great rates and options so you know you have the best coverage.

We work hard to make things simple

Whether it comes to finding the right farm coverage or negotiating a claim, we simplify the complex so you can focus on your farm.

Our advisors are part of the community

Our farm brokers are local, so they understand the unique needs of the community and local farming operations.

We're here for you when you need us

When it comes to claims, we advocate for our farm insurance clients and take the stress off them during a tough time. We’ve got your back.

A one-stop insurance shop

Whatever the need, we have the expertise. From farm policies to home and commercial vehicles, we’ll put together a holistic insurance package.

Canada's best reviewed provider

We’re obsessed with providing the very best in client service, which explains our Google rating of 4.7 stars based on over 40,000 reviews.

Award-winning service

We're the 2023 Insurance Business Canada 'Big Brokerage of the Year' award winner, as well as a 2023 5-star brokerage.

Driven by purpose

Since 1980, we've supported our local communities. Each year, we commit $1m+ into initiatives spanning DEI, food insecurity and more.

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Safeguarding your farm’s tomorrow, today

Each farm business is unique and comes with its own complexities. From an insurance standpoint, your farm operation is one of the most specialized areas of business we encounter. That’s why our dedicated agriculture insurance advisors cultivate relationships with their clients to ensure they’re fully protected, inclusive of the following coverage options.

Machinery 🚜

Modern machinery revolutionizes farming, adapting to tech advancements and reshaping agriculture. Equipment purchases are significant investments, from automated seeding to GPS routing. Our policy safeguards your machinery investment for uninterrupted operations in case of loss.

Buildings 🏠

Barns, sheds, greenhouses and shops. There’s a reason the agriculture industry is found in the country; farmers need a lot of space. Buildings house many elements necessary for day-to-day production. The right farm insurance policy will cover buildings on your property against losses that may occur.

Livestock & poultry 🐄

Unlike other types of farming, you look after the well-being of your herd, brood, or drift instead of nurturing a seed to a harvest-ready crop. There are specific risks that differentiate livestock farming from other agriculture types. That’s why it’s important to have the right farm insurance policy to protect your business and livestock.

Tools & equipment 🧰

Walk into the shop of any farmer, and you’ll know there is a lot of equipment needed to get the job done. Whether you have specialized tools to fix your new combine or a supply of twine in preparation for baling season, the tools and equipment required for your operation can add up, and the right farm insurance policy will provide peace of mind coverage.

Liability 🤕

Farm liability covers both business operations and personal liability for farmers and their families. It includes coverage for claims arising from bodily injury and property damage resulting from farming operations. These losses could be due to employees, products, livestock, completed operations, or incidents on the premises. Click here to learn more about business liability.

Commercial auto 🚚

Whether your operation has one vehicle or many, you need tailored protection through a commercial auto insurance solution. Commercial auto insurance is essential for vehicles used beyond personal purposes. For businesses with multiple vehicles, fleet insurance is an efficient option.

Home 🏠

We provide comprehensive home insurance designed for farmers, covering both your home and personal property. Our policies protect against various risks, helping you bounce back quickly from events like fire, water damage, wind, theft, and vandalism. With our insurance, you can feel confident that your property is well-protected.


What types of farms are covered in Manitoba?

Each farm is as unique as the seeds used to grow the crops. From hobby farms to corporate farms, and everything in between. We’ve got you and your business covered. We insure the major agriculture sectors:

  • Grain farms
  • Dairy & poultry
  • Hobby farm
  • Livestock
  • Specialty farm
  • Hog farm
  • Vegetable farm
  • Ranch

Manitoba farm FAQ's

Manitoba is known for producing various crops including wheat, canola, barley, oats, and flax. The province also has significant production of potatoes, corn, soybeans, and various vegetables. 

Farmers in Manitoba can obtain various types of insurance, including crop insurance, livestock insurance, and farm property insurance. Crop insurance typically covers losses due to adverse weather, pests, and diseases, while livestock insurance protects against losses from accidents, disease, or theft. Farm property insurance covers buildings, machinery, and equipment. 

The growing season in Manitoba typically runs from late May to early October. However, this can vary depending on the specific region and annual weather conditions. 

Farm insurance is essential for Manitoban farmers because it protects against financial losses due to severe weather, pests, diseases, and accidents. It provides economic stability by compensating for crop and livestock losses, ensuring farmers can sustain their operations despite unpredictable risks and challenges. 

Farming in Manitoba can be challenging due to the harsh winters, risk of spring and fall frosts, and periodic droughts. Additionally, farmers need to manage pests, diseases, and soil health. 

Sustainable farming in Manitoba includes crop rotation, conservation tillage, integrated pest management, and the use of cover crops. These practices help maintain soil health, reduce erosion, and improve water quality. 

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5 Manitoba agriculture facts

  1. Food processing pulls in $4.7 billion in revenues with over 250 companies. Food items include pork, eggs and other meat products.
  2. It should come to no surprise that the agriculture industry is a vital part of the economy in Manitoba. In fact, it’s found in almost all communities in the southern half of the province.
  3. Love fast food fries? They likely came from hard working potato farmers in Portage la Prairie and surrounding community. So much so there is the Potato Festival every year in celebration of just that, potatoes!
  4. Manitoba is the birthplace of Canola! Now, over 90% of Canadian canola production is exported throughout the world.
  5. Portage la Prairie is the home to the world’s largest pea-processing plant. It accounts for over 30% of production globally and processes over 120,000 tonnes a year.

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