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We’re dedicated to providing unparalleled spa insurance guidance, leveraging our collective experience and in-depth knowledge acquired from a strong background in this sector. We remain committed to delivering exceptional insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of spa owners and professionals nationwide.

Our approach is grounded in a shared commitment to excellence. We utilize our comprehensive understanding of the insurance landscape to equip your spa business with the most effective coverage options available. This dedication to quality is coupled with our passion for empowering our clients with the essential knowledge they need to make informed insurance decisions.

Our goal is to offer insurance advice that safeguards and enhances the operations of spa businesses across Canada.

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Why choose Westland Insurance for your spa insurance?

At Westland, we always go above and beyond to connect clients with the best coverage for them. From personal insurance to business insurance, our expert advisors do the work to make recommendations that fit our clients’ lives. Plus, our large network of insurers means they always get great rates and options. We work hard to provide Canadians with coverage that goes further.

Expert advisors go above and beyond

Our advisors go the extra mile every step of the way, and do the legwork to provide spa insurance solutions that fit our clients’ lives.

Our large network of insurers means more choice

We have a large network of insurers that we can tap into - guaranteeing great rates and options on spa insurance - so clients know they’re not missing out.

We work hard to make things simple

Whether it comes to finding the right coverage or navigating a claim, we keep things simple and use language that everyone can understand.

Our advisors are part of your community

Westland advisors are local, so they understand the unique needs of your spa insurance business. And, they’re easy to get hold of, in person or over the phone.

We're here for you when you need us most

When it comes to the claims process, we advocate for our spa insurance clients and take the stress off them during a tough time. We’ve always got their backs.

A one-stop insurance shop

We've got you covered. From high-value and cross-border coverage to small businesses and complex risk management for enterprises, our expertise is unmatched.

Canada's best reviewed insurance provider

We’re obsessed with providing the very best in client service, which explains our Google rating of 4.7 stars based on over 25 thousand reviews.

Award-winning service

We're an Insurance Business Canada 'Big Brokerage of the Year' award winner, as well as 2023 fast brokerage and 2023 5-star brokerage.

Driven by purpose

Since 1980, we've supported our local communities. Each year, we commit $1m+ into initiatives spanning DEI, food insecurity and more.

Types of businesses covered by our spa insurance

We cater to a diverse array of spa businesses across Canada. Whether you operate a small independent spa or manage a large wellness facility, Westland offers tailored insurance solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind in an ever-evolving industry.

We’ve researched the hair and beauty salon industry thoroughly to determine exactly how to provide you with broad insurance coverage at a competitive price.  We understand that many standard policies DON’T include coverage for your professional liability or for hairdressers and stylists renting chairs from you.

We’ve built a strong reputation providing professional liability insurance to beauty salons and estheticians. That’s because we understand the products and risks specific to this industry. We also take the time to get to know our clients and their business, because we understand that is the only way to make sure you get the coverage you need.

Whether you are a physician working for a medical spa or a business owner operating one, you need the proper insurance coverage. Operating or working in a medical spa (or similar facility) is inherently risky. Many of the services are “medical” in nature going beyond the traditional “day spa” regimen. Without the proper insurance coverage you may be exposing yourself to crippling legal fees and claim payments that could ultimately lead to bankruptcy. Be certain that your livelihood is protected from these risks with our unique liability program that is specially designed for day spas, medical spas, anti-aging clinics and other facilities that offer aesthetic services.

Owning and operating a salon is difficult enough without having to worry about insurance. As a business owner, your insurance needs are unique and can be quite complex. Let our experienced professionals help. We can custom-tailor an insurance package for you that covers all your basic and advanced insurance needs from general liability to professional liability.

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