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Living off the land gives you a thrilling sense of independence. Even though the future is always changing, one thing remains the same: we need our farmers. People depend on your farm for the grain, meat, dairy, and/or fresh produce that you provide.

Whether you run a farm to feed your family or your community, it’s not a simple business. The farming industry in Calgary, AB is complex. But your insurance coverage doesn’t have to be.

At Westland Insurance, we’re here to help you protect your livelihood. Our brokers help you find insurance products that protect your personal property, herds, and machinery.

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Farm Insurance Explained

You rely on all sorts of things to run your farm, from heavy equipment to livestock. You couldn’t harvest your fields or generate a profit without them. Protect what you rely on the most with farm insurance.

With farm insurance coverage, you can receive protection for:

Thanks to advances in technology, farming is more efficient than ever. You rely on machinery to make your farming operation more productive. But this professional equipment comes with a high price tag.

If your valuable equipment breaks down, you can’t complete the tasks you need to run your farm. Make an insurance claim to receive the money you need to repair or replace damaged machinery.

Caring for live animals is equally as challenging as it is rewarding. Tending to animals carries unique risks. Look after your herd, drift, and/or brood with comprehensive farm insurance coverage.

All farms in Alberta are unique. Your property may have a range of buildings on it, from greenhouses to barns. With farm insurance, you can make sure your buildings are covered in the event of a loss.

With this policy, you can cover your business and personal liability. Liability claims arise when you damage someone’s property or cause bodily injuries. You could be sued by your employees, customers, or neighbours. Cover legal fees and losses with liability insurance.

You rely on your tools to get the job done. If your tools are stolen or damaged, the cost of replacing them can be steep. With this coverage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your equipment is protected. Keep your investments safe with farm insurance.

Types of Claims

The tools we rely on always seem to break down at the worst times. Your equipment could be damaged by an extreme weather event, like a hailstorm or forest fire. Or, your tools could break during use, like while you’re harvesting. We often see claims like these when it comes to farm insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about the claims you can make with farm insurance, contact Westland Insurance today.

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You’re looking for farm insurance specialists who understand the needs of your business. When you want to review your current farm insurance policy, our brokers can help. At our insurance company, we’re committed to helping you find the coverage you need.

We offer Calgary farm insurance services in the following locations:

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