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As beautiful as Calgary is, you can’t wait to go on your next trip. You’re counting down the days until you embark on your vacation. For weeks, you’ve been planning your flights, hotel arrangements, and the places you’ll go. Once you’ve packed your bags, it feels like nothing stands in the way of you and your next adventure.

As exciting as trips can be, they’re full of unknowns. Many things in life are beyond our control. What might happen if you miss a connecting flight, or you’re injured while going on a hike? Spend less time worrying and more time relaxing with travel insurance.

No vacation plan is complete without a travel insurance policy. At Westland Insurance, we’re committed to providing our clients with insurance that matches their goals, budget, and lifestyle.

When you speak with one of our expert travel insurance advisors, they can tailor your policy based on your needs. We’re committed to finding our clients the right coverage at the right price.

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What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Depending on what type of insurance package you choose, your coverage will vary. Your travel insurance coverage may include the following:

Emergency medical insurance

In Canada, we can access the Canadian government health insurance plan whenever we have medical issues. But what happens if you have a medical emergency outside of Canada? With travel medical insurance plans, you can receive worldwide coverage up to $10 million (coverage amounts will vary based on your insurance provider).

Travel accident coverage

If you’re injured in an accident, this travel insurance policy will provide coverage for the associated costs. You can purchase travel accident coverage for single trips , or as an annual policy to cover longer stays.

Trip cancellation and interruption insurance

Sometimes, life throws curveballs our way that we could never have foreseen. But what makes matters worse is when you realize that your travel expenses aren’t covered by insurance. When you purchase trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, you’ll be covered for the costs of travel accommodations and airfare.

Baggage insurance

When you’re dealing with baggage loss, you might be stressed about not having any of your essential items. Lost luggage insurance will assist you when you’re managing delayed or missing baggage claims.

Contact, adventure, or extreme sports coverage

Planning a wild adventure for your upcoming trip? If you have a medical emergency due to a high-risk sport, you can cover your expenses with this travel insurance policy.

All-inclusive packages

If you’re looking for a comprehensive travel insurance plan, you might be interested in an all-inclusive package. This bundle includes travel health coverage, missed connections, coverage for lost/delayed baggage, trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

Student plans

Are you studying abroad? A student plan offers travel insurance coverage for those studying outside of Canada, or for foreign students studying in Calgary.

What Isn't Covered?

Travelling is all about escaping from stress, not creating more of it. When you have all your expenses covered, you can enjoy peace of mind on your vacation.

Certain circumstances won’t be covered by travel insurance. Those expenses will vary based on the policy you chose. If you have any questions about what losses will be covered, give us a call! We’ll let you know the details of each insurance policy so that you can adjust your coverage as needed.

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Wondering if travel insurance is right for you? The following types of travellers can benefit from this coverage:

  • Snowbirds. Seeking to escape the winter season in your home province? Choose an annual policy to receive up to 182 days of coverage.
  • Studious types. Whether you plan to study outside of Canada, or you’re a foreign student studying at a Canadian university, health coverage will reimburse you for your medical expenses.
  • Quick getaway travellers. If you’re planning a single trip, you might be interested in basic coverage. Cover emergency medical expenses on a single trip with this travel insurance package.
  • Adventurers. Do you have plans to embark on an extreme adventure during your trip? Whether you’re planning to venture into a deep cave or climb a rocky mountain, cover any accidents with emergency medical insurance.
  • All-inclusive travellers. Seeking a five-star insurance package? You won’t need to worry about a thing when you choose an all-inclusive policy, which includes insurance for trip cancellation, missed connections, baggage delays, airline accidents, and emergency medical coverage.

Whether you plan to sprawl out on a sandy beach or visit all the best restaurants in Singapore, you can’t predict what might happen on your vacation. Without a travel insurance package, your travel investment could end up being a lot more than you planned for.

Health coverage may be one of the most crucial reasons why you need travel insurance. When you’re in a country other than Canada, medical treatment can add up to an enormous expense. Consider the costs that go along with a medical emergency, such as a hospital stay, the treatment itself, and alternative transportation to return home.

Aside from the emergency medical insurance, your policy includes trip interruption coverage. When your trip is cut short by an illness or other emergency, you’ll be reimbursed for the unused portion of it. What might happen if your plans change once you’ve already arranged your trip? You can reschedule the trip through your trip cancellation insurance.

Travel Insurance FAQ

You’re interested in protecting yourself and your family, but before you make a decision, you want a bit more information first. To help with that, we’re going to answer a few frequently asked questions about travel insurance:

You’re already planning to invest quite a bit of money in your trip—is travel insurance worth the additional cost? Here’s why you should consider purchasing a travel insurance package:

  • You’ll have peace of mind knowing that any unexpected events or medical emergencies will be covered
  • Supplement your Canadian health insurance with additional coverage
  • Access comprehensive coverage for lost luggage, emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation, and trip interruption

Since COVID-19 is considered an anticipated event by most insurance providers, it will typically not be covered through travel insurance. If you’re interested in COVID-19 travel insurance, contact us to receive a quote.

Before you plan your trip, be sure to check out the travel advice and advisors listed on the Government of Canada’s travel website. At Westland Insurance, we’re notified of travel advisories through an insurance provider that specializes in travel insurance.

You may have sufficient coverage already, but it’s worth looking into before your vacation. That way, you can make certain that you aren’t underinsured for any risks. While you review your coverage, make note of details like:

  • What kind of coverage does the plan offer?
  • How many people will the plan cover? Will it include your spouse or your children?
  • Is there a limit on how many days you can travel?

The right insurance policy for you will vary based on a few factors:

First, how many trips do you plan to take this year? Are you planning a single trip or multiple trips? If it’s the latter, you might be interested in an annual plan.

Are you worried about trip disruptions? If so, interruption coverage will help you protect your investment in the event that your flights are cancelled or rescheduled.

Emergency medical coverage will alleviate any concerns you might have about unexpected accidents or injuries.

We recommend sorting out your insurance plans well in advance of your trip. It gives you one less thing to worry about while you’re figuring out all your other plans! Just make sure to purchase your insurance before you leave on your vacation.

Whenever you leave your home province, we highly recommend that you purchase insurance, even if you’re staying in Canada. You may not be covered for additional health care services, such as an air ambulance or hospital transfer.

You can still be eligible for insurance if you have a pre-existing condition as long as you meet the requirements of a stability period. This means that during a period of 30 days to a year, your condition did not get worse, you weren’t hospitalized, and you didn’t experience any changes in your treatment or medications. The required duration of your stability period will vary based on your insurance provider.

Based on the type of coverage you choose, the cost of your insurance will vary. Several factors affect the cost of your travel insurance, including:

  • The duration of your trip
  • Travel destination
  • Medical history
  • Age
  • The overall cost of the trip
  • Insurance history

Interested in saving more on travel insurance? We’ll compare rates offered by different insurance companies to find you the best price.

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Protect yourself from unexpected expenses on your next vacation. Our expert travel insurance advisors are here to help. To receive a quote for travel insurance in Calgary, contact us today!

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