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You can walk in any time a branch is open or call ahead to make an appointment. Check our website to see when your local office is open.

If you work with a specific advisor, you’ll find their email and phone number in the last email you received from them. Call us at 1-800-899-3093 if you aren’t able to find this information and we’ll help you get connected to your advisor. Providing us with your client ref # (available on your invoice) will help us out.

You can buy, change or renew most policies over the phone. You can also send us a message through our website and an insurance advisor will contact you. To buy a new policy request a quote online. You can also request changes, renew or cancel existing insurance by phone at your local Westland office.

Yes, if you have setup a MyWestland account, you have 24/7 access to policy documents and information about your payments and claims through your personalized account. Note: MyWestland is not available in all provinces at this time.

MyWestland is available to personal insurance clients in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.)

Canadians register their vehicles with the province they live in. This may involve paying a registration fee to get your license plate. Westland does not offer vehicle registrations online, but some of our locations are able to help with this.

Note: In Ontario you can contact the Ministry of Transportation directly through a Service Ontario center.

Contact your advisor or your local Westland office to pay, report a claim or manage your policy. As Canada’s favorite broker we advocate, provide advice and support clients with a range of insurance providers.

Buying insurance

When you request a quote an advisor will let you know if there is any additional information or documents they require. No specific documents are required but if you are getting a quote, a copy of your current home insurance or the real estate listing is helpful. Pictures of the house are also helpful!

Title insurance protects against loss caused by issues with land titles or land ownership and is not available through Westland. It is usually offered through a lawyer or a notary, depending on where you are buying your property in Canada. We do sell home insurance to protect your property against loss.

Yes, fire is one of the many perils included in all home insurance policies.

Yes, our business advisors can help you find the right policy to meet your needs. Get started by requesting a quote.

Yes, our business advisors are there to help you find the right policy to meet your needs. Get started by requesting a quote.

This coverage is often available, but sometimes it’s an add-on to an existing policy. Typically, it is limited to travel in Canada and the US. Contact your local Westland office to determine if you need a stand-alone travel or umbrella policy to ensure you’re fully covered.

Yes, we have many options for travel insurance, including Emergency Medical, Trip Cancellation or Interruption, Lost Baggage Coverage, and All-Inclusive Trip Packages. Connect with an advisor at your local Westland office to discuss your needs and find the right travel coverage for your next trip.

Yes, if you are in Canada studying as an international student, our advisors can provide options for Visitors to Canada policies that meet your needs, including coverage if you plan to travel to the US for the weekend.

Paying for insurance

Choose the method that works best for you

You can pay from your bank by using online banking (EFT.) Select Westland Insurance as the payee and make sure you include your client number.

Or, you can pay by e-transfer by emailing [email protected]. In the message section, please make sure you include your client number and the policy number, as shown on your invoice.

Yes, any location can collect payment.

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans for most policies. Read more about monthly plans.

It is common for monthly plans to take a double payment at the start of your policy term. If you think this is a mistake or happens mid-term, please contact your local Westland office.

Your policy can be canceled if your invoice is overdue or if a payment is missed. To avoid this be proactive and contact us if your credit card changes, pay your invoice before it is due and contact a Westland advisor if you think a monthly payment is going to fail due to insufficient funds or any other reason.

If your policy is cancelled due to non-payment you will receive notice. Contact your Westland advisor to discuss the next steps to ensure you do not have any gaps in coverage.

If you cancelled a policy after it became effective you may owe your insurer for the time you were covered (called time on risk). Or, your cancellation request might have been received after your bank account or credit card was charged and you may be owed a refund. Contact your Westland advisor if you are concerned about a charge.

The insurance market is considered “hard” which means rates are increasing, coverage may be restricted, and providers may limit what they will accept. Your premium may have increased because of inflation and the rise of costs related to rebuilding/repair. Additionally, providers had to pay out millions for catastrophic claims (i.e., forest fires) over the last few years and may increase premiums to cover those costs.

At Westland our expert insurance advisors are there to help navigate the complexity of insurance and find the best solution for you. Speak with an advisor to find out what options you have to help reduce your premium while continuing to meet your needs.

Discounts do differ between insurance companies, but most have some that you may qualify for. For example, if you are over a certain age, own a newly built home or have a tankless water heater you could receive a discount. Ask your Westland insurance advisor what discounts you could be eligible for.

Maybe, rates can differ based on postal code. If you move you could notice a change in the amount you are paying for your insurance.

Renewing and updating my policy

Some insurance like travel and rental car is temporary and after they expire you won’t be covered. They can sometimes be extended, depending on which provider your policy is with. An advisor at your local Westland office can help you explore options and update your policy.

Course of Construction Insurance (COC Insurance), which is commonly called builder’s risk insurance, can be purchased to provide coverage during a new build or renovation. A Westland Insurance advisor can help you explore options or update your policy.

If someone co-owns your home or business, or also drives your vehicle, you may need to add them to your policy to make sure they are covered for losses. Our advisors can help you decide who should be added to your policy.

Talk to a Westland advisor to cancel your policy, as signatures may be required. If are canceling mid-term (not at renewal) there may be cancellation fees. Your advisor will let you know if fees apply and you will get a refund if you’ve already paid for your policy.

Yes, rather than buying a new policy you can transfer your policy to avoid cancellation fees and have better coverage through the move. Whether you would like to transfer your policy temporarily or permanently, an advisor can help you with your change to ensure your coverage continues to meet your needs.

Clients who have access to MyWestland can log in anytime to view policy details including renewal status, policy effective dates and more.

If you don’t have an account, contact your local Westland branch to speak with one of our advisors to ask any questions about your policy.

Renewal documents are issued at different times depending on your type of policy and provider. Frequently renewal documents are sent by email instead of mail. Check your email and confirm Westland has your current email address.

If your policy is expiring soon and you have not received any documentation, please speak to one of our local Westland offices.

Maybe, rules depend on your province and policy type. Contact your local Westland office to learn what options you have for continuing your coverage.

Generally, insurance policy terms are for twelve months. If you’re planning to move midway through the year, you have other options besides canceling. Westland has offices across Canada and even if you are moving out of the province one of our expert advisors can help with a mid-term change to cover your new home. Alternatively, if you need to cancel because you are moving out of Canada, some fees do come with canceling a policy midterm. These fees vary by provider and are generally based on how much time is left in your policy term.

Yes, If you have purchased a seasonal or rental property it can easily be added to your home insurance policy.

While not required, we recommend that you keep a list and photos of high value items in a safe place away from your premises, to make it easier if a loss occurs. Reporting a stolen item is easier if you have a photo and details easily available.

You are not able to transfer your auto insurance from your primary vehicle for rental car coverage while traveling but some providers include coverage for rental cars or offer the option to add rental car coverage to your policy. A Westland insurance advisor will be able to help find the best solution to meet your needs.

Yes, contact us to make these changes. There’s no fee to make the change but there could be a difference in the cost of insurance. For example, if you are changing from commuting to pleasure use there might be a lower premium.

Yes, our advisors are ready to help you renew over the phone or in one of our offices.

If you are in BC you can request a callback or book an appointment online.

If you are asked for a photo of your odometer by your advisor, send it to them by email. They will need to see it to understand how much you drove over the past year.

Yes, this is possible in some provinces. Keep in mind that your policy only covers the motorcycles listed. If you want to add or change which motorcycles are on the policy, contact your advisor.

Using MyWestland 

Your MyWestland account must be set up by your Westland advisor. Check your email for a link to set up your account from [email protected]. If you can’t locate your invitation email, contact our 24/7 technical support team at 1-888-436-6995. If you haven’t received an email, contact your Westland Insurance office for assistance.

Go to, then click ‘Forgot your password?’ and enter your username (usually your email on file). If you don’t know your username or need help resetting your password or verifying your username, contact our 24/7 technical support team at 1-888-436-6995.

In MyWestland you can change your contact details like phone numbers and email. To do so, log into MyWestland, go to ‘Account settings’. Change the information you’d like and click ‘Update all’.

Call the MyWestland support team at 1-888-436-6995 and they will troubleshoot your email issues.

Consider if Westland may have another postal code on file for you (maybe you moved recently or have two addresses) and if you support getting your address updated, contact your local Westland office.

Login into MyWestland and click the ‘Documents’ button, this will take you to your policy documents. You can also download your documents by clicking on ‘Policies > View policy details > Policy documents’. If you’re still having trouble locating them, speak with one of our expert advisors who will be able to help you.

Log into MyWestland and click ‘Claims > Make a claim’. Select the corresponding policy and start reporting your claim. Enter the information related to the claim to the best of your knowledge and submit it.

You can use your credit card to make a full or partial payment. Your invoice balance is updated immediately. You can also pay in full through your bank and using your client number.

Depending on your policy, you might have already paid your insurance provider directly. In such cases, the ‘Make a payment’ button won’t be available. Additionally, your payment balance and/or status may not reflect the latest information.

Yes, if your policy is eligible for monthly pay you can select “Make a Payment” and will be redirected to “Make a payment” page. On that page you should see an option called “Pay monthly”.

To make changes to an existing payment plan with FIRST, please contact FIRST directly at 1-888-111-2238. Read more about monthly plans. If your monthly payment plan is directly with the Insurance Company, please contact that company directly to make any changes.

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