COVID-19 – Business Best Practices

Best Practices to protect your business during a temporary closure due to COVID-19

During these unprecedented times of COVID-19, you may have had to temporarily close your business, leaving it unoccupied.

At Westland Insurance, we are here to help protect your business, which includes advising you on insurance matters and providing risk management tips during this difficult time.

Some of the recommendations listed below may be required as part of your policy conditions. Others are a guide to prudent loss control protection to help safeguard your business.

  • It is a policy condition to provide immediate notification of any interruption to fire sprinklers, extinguishing systems, fire detection systems, or intrusion detection or alarm systems.
  • Inspect the interior and exterior of your premises at least every 4 days and maintain a record of the date and time of each of your visits.
  • Secure your premises, maintain video surveillance systems, and maintain & test security and fire alarm systems.
  • Consider boarding up ground floor or accessible windows, where feasible.
  • Secure and/or remove inventory or equipment that may be a target for theft. For example liquor, electronics, or other valuable items. Please contact your Account Manager to ensure coverage will automatically extend to the temporary location.
  • Ensure heating systems are maintained.
  • Shut off the water supply system and drain the pipes where possible – provided it does not affect fire sprinkler systems.
  • Remove any trash or combustible materials from around the exterior of the premises.
  • As a policy condition, were required to maintain regular inspections and maintenance of such equipment as recommended by the manufacturer.

During COVID-19, you may be changing the way your business operates or the type of products sold. Please contact your Commercial Account Manager to discuss any of the following situations to ensure continuity of coverage:

  • You have temporarily closed your business, whether voluntarily or by government mandate.
  • Inventory or equipment has been moved to another location.
  • Introduced new product lines, changed business processes, or made any other changes to your operations or the way you do business.

Should your location/premises become vacant beyond 30 days at any time, it is important you contact your Account Manager at Westland Insurance to discuss and ensure you have continuous coverage in place.

Please note that Insurance Underwriters define a vacant building/location as “one that does not contain enough business property to conduct customary operations”

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