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After the snow thaws, you’re eager to ride your motorcycle down the winding roads in Edmonton. Driving a motorcycle gives you a feeling of freedom that you can’t get anywhere else.

But here’s the thing about motorcycles: whether you use them to commute to work, or you drive a Harley Davidson just for fun, you need to insure it. In Alberta, it’s mandatory to purchase insurance coverage for your motorcycle.

However, not all types of coverage are required; some insurance is optional. How do you know which is the best motorcycle insurance in Edmonton?

At Westland Insurance, we’re here to help you understand your coverage. From discounts to coverage options, here’s what you need to know about motorcycle insurance:

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Mandatory and Optional Insurance Coverage in Edmonton

If you’ve been reading about your insurance options, you might feel overwhelmed at first. There are dozens of policies to choose from, all with different coverage limits and purposes. To help you understand your motorcycle insurance, we’re going to look at what each option has to offer:

A “third party” refers to any person who could be impacted by negligent driving. If you’re involved in an accident that causes bodily harm or property damage, this insurance will reimburse the third party for those damages. Third-party liability insurance will pay for repairs, medical expenses, and legal fees involved with the accident.

Regardless of who is at fault, this insurance policy will cover income replacement, rehabilitation costs, and death benefits.

What happens if you’re involved in an accident with an uninsured driver? This motorcycle insurance policy ensures that you’ll have financial coverage for the associated costs.

If your bike is damaged by a peril that is not the result of an accident (such as hail, fire, flooding, falling objects, or vandalism), comprehensive coverage may reimburse you for the damages.

After a hit and run or other driver caused collision, this policy may pay for repair costs.

If you’ve added accessories to your bike or aftermarket upgrades, purchase this policy to ensure those additions are covered.

When you need emergency service for your vehicle, this optional policy gives you coverage for roadside assistance.

Cover the total replacement costs of your vehicle with motorcycle replacement insurance.

This motorcycle insurance may pay for a rental bike while your ride is being repaired due to an insured loss.

If you’re involved in an at-fault accident, your motorcycle insurance premiums will increase. This policy will protect you from rising premiums after your first at-fault accident.

Types of Mandatory Motorcycle Coverage in Edmonton

We’re going to clarify what insurance you need to legally ride a motorcycle in Edmonton, AB. The two mandatory types of coverage are Third-Party Liability and Accident Benefits. Aside from those two, every other insurance policy is optional.

Who Needs To Buy Motorcycle Insurance?

Whether you drive a touring bike or a Harley Davidson, you’re required by law to insure your motorcycle. If you’re caught driving an uninsured vehicle in Alberta, you could be charged with a fine (which may be several thousand dollars). Failure to pay this fine or subsequent offences may lead to jail time.

How Much Will Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

The cost of your insurance in Edmonton will depend on factors like:

  • The value of your motorcycle
  • How often you use it
  • Where you live
  • Your driving record
  • Your deductible

If you’re eligible for any discounts, you can lower the cost of your motorcycle insurance in Alberta.

How Do You Calculate the Insured Value of a Motorcycle?

Before you can insure your bike, you need to declare its value. Giving an accurate value is important; this amount determines what you’ll be paid after a replacement or repair claim.

If you give an amount that’s too low, your insurance company may not cover all the expenses associated with an accident. And if the amount is too high, you’ll be paying for more motorcycle insurance than you need. How do you determine the right amount of protection?

To estimate its value, consider the motorcycle model, make, engine size, and any additional customization.

What Is the Insurance Coverage for a Moped or Scooter in Edmonton?

Which type of insurance in Edmonton is right for you? If your vehicle matches these descriptions, you can register it as a moped or scooter:

  • Wheels larger than 250 mm
  • Two tandem or three wheels
  • Max engine displacement is 50 cc’s (or an electric motor)
  • Max speed is 50 km/hr

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If you’re looking for motorcycle insurance in Edmonton, AB, we’re here to help. At Westland Insurance, our advisors can review your existing policy, discuss other options with you, and compare rates offered by different insurance companies. We’ll help you find the right coverage for your vehicle.

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