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With a population of roughly 375,000 residents, Etobicoke is one of Toronto’s administrative districts. Incorporated in 1850 as Etobicoke Township, it grew to city status after World War II and was eventually amalgamated into the west end of the city of Toronto in 1998. Etobicoke is an ethnically diverse urban area largely consisting of suburbs and industrial zones. Served by the Toronto Subway and four GO Transit rail stations, it encompasses many middle-class communities as well as some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in the GTA, such as Markland Wood and The Kingsway.

Bordered by Lake Ontario, the Humber River, and Etobicoke Creek, Etobicoke is rich in parks and green spaces like James Gardens, Centennial Park, Samuel Smith Park, and Humber Bay Park. Islington-City Centre West represents a thriving commercial centre, while post-secondary institutions such as Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber draw students of all ages and backgrounds. When it comes to sports and recreation, southern Etobicoke is home to the Ford Performance Centre, a practice rink for the Toronto Maple Leafs, while Rexdale, in north Etobicoke, boasts Canada’s top-ranked high school basketball program.

Ultimately, as part of Canada’s largest and most densely populated urban area, Etobicoke is a rich and active place to call home. And, although public transit in Etobicoke makes commuting without a vehicle possible, a car affords much more freedom. Whether you’re headed out of town for the weekend or simply running errands in your neighbourhood, you want to feel secure in the assurance that your vehicle is properly insured.

At Westland Insurance in Etobicoke, we know that comparing quotes to find the best insurance at the most affordable rate can feel like a lot of work. Plus, you may have some questions along the way. That’s why our team of friendly and professional representatives is always prepared to do the heavy lifting for you, helping you find the perfect Ontario auto insurance for your needs via a quick, transparent, and educational process.

If you’re seeking Etobicoke car insurance, you can access Westland’s services online, by phone, or in person at one of our convenient Toronto locations. Trust Westland’s brokers to prioritize your needs whenever you’re ready to insure a new vehicle or renew an existing policy. We look forward to working with you!

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How Car Insurance in Etobicoke Works

In Etobicoke, as in the rest of Canada, car insurance is mandatory. It’s illegal to drive an uninsured vehicle and doing so can result in penalties and convictions that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

In the province of Ontario, auto insurance is privatized, but car insurance companies are overseen and regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO) to ensure that coverage options meet provincial standards and remain competitive and fairly priced. This means that you can compare a variety of auto insurance quotes to find the best option for your needs while trusting that all of them are legitimate and meet standard criteria.

In Ontario, you will only ever work with your own insurance company. This is known as no-fault auto insurance and ensures that each policyholder works through the claims process with their own insurance provider, whether they’re at fault in an accident or not.

In Ontario, there are four types of coverage that must be included in every auto insurance policy. They are:

  • Third-Party Liability
    If you injure another person or damage private property while driving, third-party liability insurance helps cover medical expenses, legal fees, lost wages, and repairs up to the amount specified in your policy (you must carry a minimum of $200,000 of third-party liability coverage in Ontario).
  • Accident Benefits
    Accident benefits compensate you, your passengers, and any pedestrians or cyclists involved in an accident for medical expenses, income replacement, rehabilitation costs, and more, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Underinsured Motorist Protection
    If you’re in a collision where you’re not at fault with a driver who is underinsured (or uninsured) to cover your injuries and damages, underinsured motorist protection will protect you.
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage (DCPD)
    DCPD covers damages to your vehicle and loss of use in the event that another driver was at fault in the accident.

In addition to mandatory coverages, many Etobicoke drivers opt to enhance their auto insurance. Here are some common enhanced coverage options:

  • Collision Coverage
    This type of insurance coverage covers damages sustained to your vehicle in any type of collision, regardless of who is at fault.
  • Specified Perils Coverage
    Specified perils refer to a list of risks in your policy that your vehicle will be insured against. This list can include theft, fire, flooding, riots, and more.
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance
    Rather than covering your vehicle for specified perils, comprehensive auto insurance covers it for all damages unrelated to driving, with the exception of those on an exclusions list.
  • All Perils
    All perils is the broadest form of auto insurance coverage. It combines comprehensive and specified perils coverage, plus also covers your vehicle in the event that it’s stolen by an employee or a member of your household.


Etobicoke auto insurance providers determine rates based on a number of factors that include:

  • Driver Demographics (age, gender, driving record)
  • Location (postal code, neighbourhood safety and claims history)
  • Type of Vehicle (make, model, year, safety and theft ratings)
  • Driving Activity (frequency, distance of driving)
  • Type of Coverage (basic policy or extra coverage)

There are concrete ways to reduce your Etobicoke auto insurance rates. These include:

  • Purchase a vehicle with high safety ratings and low theft ratings.
  • Maintain a spotless driving record.
  • Pay for your insurance on time.
  • Increase your deductibles.
  • Take advantage of incentives such as installing anti-theft devices, using winter tires, or taking an accredited driving course.
  • Bundle insurance policies through one provider.

G1 drivers must be added to an existing policy, as they can’t be declared as a primary driver. This won’t necessarily increase your premium (depends on a variety of factors). When a driver on your policy graduates to being a G2 driver, this will almost certainly increase your premiums. For more information about your options, speak directly with a Westland insurance broker.

Among the most popular vehicle brands in Etobicoke are Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Nissan, and Mazda.

The average auto insurance policyholder in Etobicoke is in their mid-forties and has approximately 28 years of previous auto insurance behind them.

In Etobicoke, as in the rest of Ontario, insurance rates are determined by insurance companies with approval and oversight from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRAO).

Are you ready to discover the auto insurance quote that will get you out on the road feeling comfortably covered and confident? Let Westland Insurance be your guide. Contact us online, by phone, or in person!

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