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There are a lot of perks to living in a condo. With less maintenance, you have more time to do the things you love in Kenora, like canoeing on the Lake of the Woods or hiking along the shore of Tunnel Island.

If you’re shopping for condo insurance, you might feel intimidated by all the complex jargon surrounding it. What does your policy cover—and what does it not cover? How much coverage do you need? And how can you get lower rates?

At Westland Insurance, our expert advisors are here for you. We get to know you and your individual insurance needs and tailor your policy to meet those needs.

With our help, you can get back to enjoying your carefree lifestyle in Kenora. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your condo investment is protected.

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What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

With condo insurance, you’ll get protection for more than the contents of your unit. You’ll also have liability insurance if you cause property damage or someone is injured in your home. And those are just the basics.

Here’s what you can expect from your condo insurance policy:

Your investment in your condo is one thing, but your investment in all your personal belongings is another. Think about it: Your home is full of furniture, computer equipment, clothing, and more. Add up the total value of all those items—now that’s an investment.

So, how do you protect your belongings? With condo insurance, that’s how. Your policy will cover the cost of replacing lost or damaged items in your condo. You’ll be covered up to the limit specified in your policy as long as the belongings are damaged by an insured peril.

You have so many ideas about how to renovate your place—add granite countertops, install new flooring, replace the kitchen cabinets. Each of these improvements will add value to your condo. Make sure to choose a policy that covers the added value of your renovations! Remember: You can upgrade your policy limits whenever you need to.

Liability insurance is there to protect you when accidents happen. If someone is injured in your home or you accidentally damage another person’s property, third-party liability coverage will kick in to cover medical expenses and legal fees. It may be one of the most crucial aspects of your insurance—it will be there when you need it most.

Is your condo being repaired due to an insurance claim? While it’s unavailable, you can use your condo insurance to cover the costs of hotel rooms and takeout meals.

Special assessments: The words every condo owner dreads to hear. If damage to a common area isn’t completely covered by your condo corporation’s insurance, you may be responsible for pitching in funds. This insurance will help you pay for the damages.

What Does It Not Cover?

Naturally, you’re starting to wonder what won’t be covered by insurance. With a basic policy, you won’t be protected against all perils. Sewage backup, earthquake damage, and water damage from overland flooding will not be covered (unless you purchase a policy add-on).

In addition, your contents and liability coverage have their limits. For example, you may have $1,000,000 in liability insurance. If you need to pay for medical expenses or legal fees, any costs exceeding that limit will not be covered.

Coverage Options for Insurance

If you want to add more protection to your Ontario condo insurance, check out the following options:

  • Sewer Backup
  • Service Line Coverage
  • Identity Theft
  • Home-Based Business
  • Watercraft
  • Overland Water
  • Condo Unit Owners Loss Assessment Coverage
  • Condo Unit Owners Improvement Coverage
  • Condo Deductible Assessment
  • Home System Protection/Home Equipment Breakdown

Condo Insurance FAQ

If you’re looking to save money on insurance, you can choose the lowest policy limits for your contents coverage and liability protection.

But our insurance brokers don’t recommend this approach. While you might save in the short term, you’ll pay more if you need to make a claim. That’s why it’s best to get a policy that actually meets your coverage needs.

The condo corporation’s insurance policy is designed to cover the structure of the building and common areas. Your condo insurance is for your unit, its contents, and personal liability issues. However, individual policies vary from condo to condo.

Check out the following ways to save:

  • Claims free. If you don’t make any insurance claims, you’ll pay less for insurance.
  • Mature customer. You may get a discount if you’re over a certain age.
  • Sprinkler. Prevent fires with a sprinkler system.
    Water leak detection device. Find water leaks before they cause damage.
  • Company loyalty. Stay with the same company or bundle your condo insurance with car insurance to save on insurance.
  • Local or monitored alarm. Keep thieves out and lower the likelihood of a claim with a security system.

Most people are familiar with high-rise condos, which are several stories high. With these, you own the unit within the building—not necessarily the land it’s built upon. But with bare land condos, you own the plot of land, too. Depending on your condo corporation, you may be responsible for maintaining the sidewalk or driveway.

Many condo owners assume that the corporation’s insurance will cover them, too. But this is not the case—the master policy does not cover your unit or the belongings within it.

It’s best to choose a policy that works in accordance with the insurance your corporation has (which is called the master policy). Our insurance experts can help with that.

On average, the cost of condo insurance in Kenora is $67/month. But your individual rates will vary based on a range of factors, including:

  • Credit score. Ask for a soft touch credit check to see if you’re eligible for a discount.
  • Claims history. Never made a claim before? Your insurance rates will be lower!
  • Location. Your location determines your risk exposure level. Your insurance company will factor in the rates of fires and vandalism in your area.
  • Property type. Depending on whether you live in a bare land condo or a high-rise condo, your insurance rates will vary.
  • Upgrades and improvements. The total value of your condo will also determine your rates. So, if you’ve renovated your unit, your insurance costs will increase.
  • Building construction. The quality of building materials your condo building and unit are made of will influence your rates.

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