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Owning a home is a lot of work; you’re looking for simple solutions to life’s everyday problems. At Westland Insurance, we aim to make insuring your home as painless as possible.

In Lethbridge, life moves fast. As the city grows, it reaches into previously undeveloped areas. Take West Lethbridge (also known as The Westside) for example; this newly developed area features plenty of residential homes and restaurants. Lethbridge is a close-knit community with summers full of sunshine and mild winters with warm Chinook winds.

With our insurance services, you can protect your home against a range of perils and save money on monthly premiums, all without breaking the bank.

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What Does Home Insurance Cover in Lethbridge?

When you purchase an insurance policy for your property, what can you expect? A typical home insurance policy includes coverage for the following:

  • Personal property. You can’t imagine your home without all your personal belongings—and you shouldn’t have to. You can purchase coverage that will allow you to replace all the items and furnishings in your home.
  • Additional structures. This covers detached structures on your property, including a garage, shed, or fence.
  • Personal liability. Protect yourself from liability costs with this coverage, which could reimburse you for expenses, including medical costs, repair costs, and legal fees.
  • Living expenses. If your home is temporarily uninhabitable due to an insurance claim, this policy offers coverage for your alternate living expenses in the meantime.

Additional Coverage Options

With any insurance policy, it’s important to be aware of coverage limits; this is the amount of money you can claim for damages. If the cost of your claim goes beyond these limits, you won’t be covered for it. But what if the value of your belongings is greater than this limit?

The right home insurance policy offers protection for all your belongings. Looking to expand your coverage? At Westland Insurance, we can help you select additional coverage to better suit your insurance needs. Protect all the valuable possessions that you cherish, including your jewellery, technology, and other high-value collections.

Get coverage that goes beyond a standard home insurance policy. Additional coverage options include:

  • Home-Based Business
  • Identity Theft
  • Sewer Backup and Overland Flooding
  • And more

Flood Insurance in Lethbridge

As the climate changes, your property needs to change with it. If your home isn’t equipped with a sump pump or other drainage systems, you’ll have a flooded basement on your hands come springtime.

Most policies provide coverage for water damage but not for floods. Concerned about overland flooding? Whether you’re worried about summer storms or the spring snowmelt, you might be interested in flood insurance. To find out if you qualify for this endorsement, contact one of our brokers at Westland Insurance.

Is House Insurance Mandatory in Lethbridge?

You know that car insurance is mandatory for every vehicle. But what about house insurance? If you’re looking to buy a home, most mortgage lenders will not approve you unless you purchase home insurance. While it isn’t necessarily mandatory, you’ll have a hard time getting approved for a mortgage without it.

Are You Looking for Lethbridge Home Insurance?

At Westland Insurance, we offer home insurance quotes that are suited to your everyday life, from the coverage you need to the rates you can afford. To receive a free quote, contact us today.

Factors That Determine Your Home Insurance Quote in Lethbridge

If you compare your home insurance rates to another homeowner’s rates in Lethbridge, you may find that you pay two very different amounts. Why is that?

A host of factors determine your insurance rates, which include:

  • The age of your home
  • Building materials used during construction
  • Your credit score
  • Distance to the nearest fire hydrant or fire station
  • Your claims history
  • Location (whether the area is more prone to flooding or vandalism)

How To Lower the Cost of Your Home Insurance Policy in Lethbridge

Looking for a more affordable way to insure your home? We’ve listed a few ways you can lower the cost of your monthly premiums:

  • Upgrade the electrical. Does your home have an aluminum wiring system? This outdated system is more prone to fire hazards; replace it with copper wiring to lower your risk.
  • Replace the pipes. Switch out any lead or galvanized pipe to copper or plastic to reduce health hazard risks.
  • Quit smoking. If you smoke indoors, it creates a greater risk of a fire hazard.
  • Pay annually. You may be eligible for a discount if you pay your insurance in one lump sum rather than in monthly installments.

Condo Insurance in Lethbridge

Condo owners have slightly different property insurance needs than Lethbridge homeowners do. In a condo, you own the unit you live in, but you share common areas with other Lethbridge residents in your building.

When you purchase home insurance for your condo, you’ll be covered for the following:

  • Loss assessment coverage. If your condo receives a special assessment that’s related to damage in a common area, this policy provides the coverage you need.
  • Improvements & betterments coverage. Have you made upgrades to your unit that will increase its value? This type of insurance covers any improvements you make to your condo.

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Whether you’re looking for home insurance, auto insurance, or tenant insurance, we’re here to help. An insurance broker at Westland will walk you through the entire process, from choosing the best coverage for your house to finding affordable rates.

Save money every month when you find Lethbridge home insurance through Westland. Contact us today to get your home insurance quote.


We’ve set out to answer the most commonly asked questions about home insurance:

Whenever you file insurance claims, your home insurance premiums increase. Naturally, you want to avoid making claims to keep things affordable. In Lethbridge, Alberta, homeowners are at a higher risk of the following perils:

  • Floods. Most home insurance policies do not offer coverage for flooding; if you want insurance for flood claims, contact your insurance company.
  • Snow. There’s nothing quite like winter in Canada; Lethbridge is no exception. All that snow on your roof may lead to structural damage.
  • Rain. In Lethbridge, when it rains, it pours. Each year, Lethbridge sees an average of 84 rainy days. Heavy amounts of rain can lead to backed-up sewer systems and water damage.

In the home and auto insurance industry, certain types of property damage are considered “uninsurable perils”. These include:

  • Damage that results from flooding
  • Earthquake or landslide damage
  • Frozen/burst pipes that result from negligence

You may be eligible to receive coverage for these risks if you purchase policy add-ons. Find out if you’re eligible when you contact Westland Insurance.

Even though your landlord has an insurance policy for the building, it does not cover the contents of your unit. Neither does it cover liability issues (for example, if you were responsible for a fire that caused damage to the entire building). A renter’s insurance policy will cover you for these risks.

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