Back to School Road Safety Reminders

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It is back to school for most kids! This may be an exciting time for you or you may be like many of us and wishing summer would never end. Unfortunately, fall is upon us and we should all be prepared for the increased number of cars and kids on the roads.

Please slow down and pay particular attention to pedestrians in School Zones and Park Zones. Unless otherwise posted, 30 km/h is the speed limit in school zones from 8am to 5pm. Park zones also have a 30 km/h speed limit from dawn to dusk unless otherwise posted. If you are dropping your kids off a school, please set a great example for your children by obeying the rules of the road. It is also a great idea to review road safety tips with your kids and help prepare them for back to school.

Simple back to school reminders for kids:

  • Always walk on the side walk. If there is no side walk then stay to the side of the road and walk facing traffic.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street and cross the street at cross walks when possible
  • Make sure the cars are stopped before crossing the road. Just because you see a car does not mean they can see you.
  • Avoid all dark clothing and wear a bright colour hat or shirt
  • Do not walk with head phones in your ears
  • Make sure an adult knows the walking route to and from school and stick to the route
  • If travelling by school bus:
    • Wait on the sidewalk at least a few steps back from the side of the road
    • Never stick anything out the widow including arms
    • Take a seat as quickly as possible once getting on the bus
    • Wait until the school bus fully stops before getting off the bus

History has shown an increased number of car accidents during the early weeks of September. Many people are adjusting to their new routine of getting kids to school while others are driving back to school themselves or are back at work after a summer break. The risk of car accidents increases with every hour of lost sleep. Not only are there tired drivers on the road, there are significantly more cars on the road. Please stay alert, don’t rush and plan extra time to get to work or school.