Benefits of Owning an Electric Vehicle


With electric vehicles becoming more popular and car manufactures set to produce more electric vehicles than ever before, many consumers are looking at electric vehicles as their next car. There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle, some of which can even help save you money. If you’re planning on purchasing an electric vehicle there may be many benefits that you are eligible for.


Credit on Purchase of Vehicle

If you’re purchasing a new electric vehicle you might be able to reduce the cost of your new vehicle. The Clean Energy Vehicle for BC program gives purchasers or lessee up to $6,000 credit for a new electric vehicle. Additionally, the Scrap It program also gives those who scrap their gas powered vehicle for an electric vehicle up to an additional $6,000, giving eligible candidates up to $12,000 off their new electric vehicle. Make sure to learn more about the incentive programs and if you qualify to get credit for your electric vehicle.


Fuel/ Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles come with a lower operating cost than your typical gas powered car. No longer will you need to pay attention to the pump prices or go for your regular oil change or tune up. Although you still need to charge your vehicle, the approximate cost to charge a Nissan leaf was $2.16/100km, which is still significantly less than filling up your car at the gas station.


HOV Lane

Do you spend hours a day or week commuting through rush hour traffic? Many electric vehicles are eligible for to drive in the HOV lane regardless of how many people are in the car. This can save you time on your commute and also help save you money from wasting what would be fuel in your vehicle. To apply for a HOV permit and decal click here to go to the Government of BC website.


Closer Parking

Many establishments such as malls and parking garages offer a vast network of charging stations that are free to use. Often these spots designated for electric vehicles are closer to entrances and offer more available parking, especially in more dense areas such as Vancouver.


The Environment

With electric vehicles producing significantly less emissions that a gas powered vehicle, you’ll be doing your part in helping our environment.  With almost all of the housing in BC coming from clean or renewable sources, driving an electric vehicle significantly cuts down of emissions and climate change.

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