Car Insurance 101

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Do you know the difference between basic and optional car insurance in BC?

Every BC registered vehicle on the road requires ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance. It is mandatory coverage that is provided by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) and can be purchased from ICBC Autoplan Brokers along with the vehicle licence and registration.

There are five key coverages included in basic car insurance:

  1. Third Party Liability (up to $200,000): applies when you are found at fault for an accident and are responsible to pay for third party injuries or vehicle damage.
  2. Accident Benefits: covers medial costs and wage loss even if you are at fault.
  3. Underinsured Motorist Protection: protects you if the at fault party does not have enough insurance.
  4. Hit-and-run coverage: coverage if your vehicle is damaged by hit-and-run driver
  5. Inverse liability protection: applies in parts of Canada and the United States where laws prevent you from claiming against the person who caused the crash.

There are policy limits for each of the above mentioned basic coverages included in ICBC Basic Autoplan insurance. Most car owners in BC also purchase optional car insurance. Optional car insurance can be purchased through ICBC as an addition to your basic Autoplan Insurance policy. It can also be purchased through Private Insurance companies. Westland Insurance offers Westland Green Private Auto Insurance. Commonly purchased optional coverages include Extended Third Party Liability which increases your liability limit above the basic $200,000; Collision coverage, and Comprehensive coverage.

For more detailed information on automobile insurance in BC, please contact your local Westland Insurance branch or for policies issued after September 11, 2016 you can refer to the ICBC Autoplan Insurance Brochure.


Are you travelling to Mexico with your BC Vehicle?

Basic Autoplan insurance does not provide coverage in Mexico or overseas. If you travel outside Canada or the US you must purchase alternative coverage. If you are away for more than 30 consecutive days you may be eligible for a refund on a portion of your Autoplan premium. Please use this checklist and submit it directly to ICBC Customer Service or contact your insurance broker for more details.